Happy birthday Guillermo del Toro!

Today we wish a happy birthday to the legendary filmmaker, and our friend Guillermo del Toro!

In a recent editorial from the New York Times, fans were invited to take a peek inside Guillermo’s ‘House of Horrors’ where he keeps a vast collection of treasures that inspire and indulge his imagination. Read the full article here.

Seated in the living room is Edgar Allan Poe, one of several life-size statues Mr. del Toro commissioned: “I made it a point to live with all the guys I admire. I don’t talk
to them. I’m not insane – yet.”

The Frankenstein monster in the makeup chair is based on famous photos of Boris Karloff, sipping tea on the sets of his 1930s movies, with his makeup artist, Jack P. Pierce. Pierce’s hands were modeled by the Oscar-winning makeup artist Rick Baker. “We had Rick pose and molded his hands,” Mr. del Toro said. “It’s kind of cute.”

This figure from Blade II is one of many in the house. “The more I have, the more I enjoyed the experience of shooting the movie.”

“I bought the gun on ‘Hellboy I’ from production at the end of the movie, and then I rented it to ‘Hellboy II’ in exchange for props. I said, ‘I’ll give you the gun for free for the whole shoot, but you’ve got to give me the giant egg.’ I love that movie. I think it’s one of my favorites.”

The cream-colored paperbacks in the center shelf are the first scary books that Mr. del Toro bought as a child, including a “Best Horror Stories” anthology from 1971, when he was 7. “It’s by my hero, Forrest Ackerman.”

A false window looks as if there’s a storm outside, with the sounds of thunder and rain piped in. “It’s incredibly soothing,” he remarks.