Hot Toys’ The Mandalorian™ and Grogu™ The Child Deluxe Quarter Scale Figure Unboxing — First Look

“You expect me to search the galaxy for the home of this creature and deliver it to a race of enemy sorcerers?”

Just ahead of the worldwide release, Sideshow’s newest FIRST LOOK video gives fans an up-close look at the new The Mandalorian™ and the Child (Deluxe Version) Quarter Scale Figure Set by Hot Toys.

This incredibly accurate and meticulously detailed new quarter scale set is inspired by the appearance of Din Djarin™ and Grogu™ as they appear in the hit Disney+ Star Wars™ series, The Mandalorian™.

Check out the first unboxing video for this detailed collectible set and find out even more about The Mandalorian and the Child (Deluxe Version) Quarter Scale Figure Set as host Guy Klender walks you through every aspect of the unboxing experience, from the packaging to the articulation and accessories for posing this incredibly unique duo.

Standing approximately 18.11″ (46cm) tall, this king-sized collectible is as large as many high-end statues, but features all of the poseability of a Hot Toys sixth scale figure. The Mandalorian is outfitted with tailored fabric clothing overlaid with Beskar™ armor pieces, his helmet, an attachable jetpack, his signature blaster rifle, a pistol and blade, a satchel bag, and a range of additional accessories.

Accompanying Din Djarin is a quarter-scale collectible figure of Grogu AKA The Child. This figure has two interchangeable head sculpts with three pairs of interchangeable ears, allowing for a wide range of expressions. He wears a specially tailored robe and has a selection of accessories, including a necklace, the little foundling’s favorite silver knob, and of course, his hover pram!

This Deluxe Version of the Mandalorian and the Child Quarter Scale Collectible Set exclusively includes a beautifully crafted LED light-up Mandalorian themed diorama display base, featuring elements of an E-Web heavy repeating blaster, a battle damaged IG-11™, a Mandalorian helmet, and Mythosaur™ skull emblem.

The Mandalorian and The Child (Deluxe) set features:

The Mandalorian:

  • Authentic and detailed likeness of The Mandalorian
  • A newly developed helmet and attachable torch light device with LED light-up function (white light, battery operated)
  • Specially applied weathering effects on armor, weapons, and accessories
  • Quarter scale body with over 30 points of articulation
  • 6 interchangeable gloved hands
  • One dark gray cape
  • Chest armor
  • One dark gray undershirt with silver shoulder armor and Mudhorn signet
  • One dark gray vest and under-vest
  • One dark gray abdominal pad
  • One utility belt with pistol holster and ammo clips
  • One left gauntlet with interchangeable firing modes (normal and missile firing)
  • One right gauntlet
  • One pair of dark gray-colored pants with battle-damaged thigh guards
  • One pair of dark brown boots with weathering effect
  • One blue left knee guard
  • One pair of calf armor pieces
  • One blaster rifle
  • One blaster pistol
  • One blade
  • One wired grappling hook
  • One jetpack (magnetically attachable)
  • One touch device with LED light-up feature (attachable to the belt)
  • Three thermal detonators (attachable to the belt)
  • One detonator
  • One satchel bag
  • One tracking fob
  • One piece of Beskar
  • One flamethrower effect accessory
  • A specially designed diorama figure stand with LED light-up function (battery operated) – Exclusive version only

The Child:

  • Authentic and detailed likeness of The Child in the live-action series The Mandalorian
  • Two newly developed interchangeable head sculpts (natural and mouth-opened) with highly detailed facial expression and skin texture
  • Newly developed quarter scale body with specialized frame for a wide range of articulations
  • 3 pairs of interchangeable ears
  • 3 pairs of interchangeable arms
  • One robe
  • One hover pram with cover and blanket
  • One Mythosaur emblem necklace with strap
  • One silver-colored knob
  • Specially designed articulated figure support pole (attachable to diorama figure stand)

Once you’ve checked out everything this First Look has to offer, be sure to bring home this unforgettable clan of two in an impressive collectible scale. Your galaxy of Star Wars collectibles wouldn’t be complete without this incredible bounty hunter and the adorable alien he is sworn to protect.

Will you be adding The Mandalorian and the Child (Deluxe Version) Quarter Scale Figure Set by Hot Toys to your figure collection? Don’t forget to Let Your Geek Sideshow and tell us in the comments!