Huntress is Here for a Premium Format Figure Production Gallery Update

Huntress Premium Format Figure

Gotham needs buttkickers, not shining knights.”

Gangsters of Gotham, beware!  The Huntress Premium Format Figure is here, and she has a production gallery update to prove she’s ready to protect her city.

Posed atop a stylized gargoyle base, Huntress stands 23″ tall as she looks out in search of her next target.  This DC heroine comes equipped with a crossbow and battle staff, which she won’t hesitate to use against anyone who stands in her way- good, bad, or other.

She is dressed for hunting criminals, wearing her striking violet costume which features a pointed mask to protect her identity.  The costume also has sculpted belts, boots, gloves, and pouches all done in her signature colors.  The Huntress Premium Format Figure has a fabric tailored cape which is wired to allow you to customize how the cape displays on the figure.

The sold-out Exclusive edition of the statue includes an alternate left arm holding an additional crossbow.  The Collector edition is still available for order on our website.

The Huntress Premium Format Figure will be shipping out soon, so be prepared for this purple-clad powerhouse to deliver justice to your collection.