The Most Inspirational BTS Lyrics for the New Year

Composed of the 7 members RMJinSUGAj-hopeJiminV, and Jung KookBTS — an acronym of Bangtan Sonyeondan or “Beyond the Scene” — is a South Korean band that has been capturing the hearts of millions of fans across the globe since their debut in June 2013. BTS’ songs are written in Korean, English, and sometimes Japanese, yet their musical themes and emotional resonance transcend language.

Many people have found comfort, motivation, and hope in BTS’ music. And as we turn to the new chapter of 2022, we could all use such an extensive source of encouragement. Below, let’s break down some of the most inspirational and meaningful lyrics from BTS’ impressive discography.

“We are together, bulletproof.”

“We Are Bulletproof: The Eternal” – MAP OF THE SOUL : 7

One of the most expository and explorative albums, MAP OF THE SOUL : 7 tells the story of the members’ “true selves,” from the light to the shadow, the heart to the soul. ‘We are Bulletproof: the Eternal’ is perhaps one of the most celebratory tracks on any BTS album, because it calls directly to the fans, telling them that the 7 boys were only seven, but they have all the fans now, making them part of something much bigger and greater than themselves.

The lyrics themselves refer to both the band’s nickname as well as the idea of being bulletproof, or impenetrable by a deadly weapon. BTS are the “bulletproof boy scouts,” but they’re also impervious to the hate and the pain because they have their fans to protect them with their love. We can also use these lyrics as a reminder to ourselves that we are not alone. There will always be people in our lives to shield us from harm.

“We don’t need permission to dance!”

“Permission to Dance” – Butter

BTS’ “Permission To Dance” is their third all-English track. Released on the Butter CD, which includes the singles “Butter” and “Permission To Dance” as well as instrumental tracks for both, “Permission To Dance” is a roaring celebration of the world starting to open back up after a global pandemic which halted all concerts, conventions, and travel. The band later used the motifs and visuals from “Permission To Dance” to create their four-show 2021 tour in California.

“Permission To Dance” is a feel-good song that brings energy and enthusiasm to a stagnant world. RM, Jin, SUGA, j-hope, Jimin, V, and Jung Kook sing with enthusiasm, dance with gusto, and bring impeccable vibes onto the scene in a flurry of color and care. This single proclaims that we don’t need permission to be happy, or to let ourselves run wild with that momentous energy and joy within us all. And that beat is impossible not to at least tap your foot to. So get up, give it a listen, and get ready to DANCE!

“No darkness, no season can last forever.”


This line is translated from the original Korean lyrics, which read 어떤 어둠도 어떤 계절도 / 영원할 순 없으니까 in Hangeul. “Spring Day” honors the enduring friendship between RM, Jin, SUGA, j-hope, Jimin, V, and Jung Kook through the seasons. While their winter is shadowed with loss and grief, the spring and the sun are sure to come again with all their warmth.

These emotional lyrics can reach you even at your bleakest hour. “Spring Day” promises that no pain or depression can hold us down forever. There is always light. Like the flower that emerges from underneath the snow, you too can rise.

“It’s okay. When I say one, two, three, forget it. Erase all the sad memories. Hold my hand and smile.”

“2! 3!” – WINGS

Again, here the original Korean lyrics have been translated into English. The song “2! 3!” is a literal countdown to happiness. Discussing loneliness, struggles, and resistance, the lyrics move to BTS extending their hands and saying that together we can overcome anything. This line is filled with determination. So close your eyes, count to three, and let out all those troubles. BTS will be there to hold onto you when you can’t stand or smile on your own.

“Stop running for nothin’ my friend.”

“Paradise” – LOVE YOURSELF 轉 ‘TEAR’

The album title is meant to be read and heard two ways: tear as in crying and also tear as in rip. Beautiful and brutal, LOVE YOURSELF 轉 ‘TEAR’ doesn’t hold back, doesn’t shy away, and asks us all to face our fears. But it also mixes melancholy with forgiveness.

“Paradise” is about slowing down. The lyrics above tell the listener to take a moment to breathe. They ask us, what are you speeding through life for? Why are you breaking yourself for no reason? Take a second while you read this to reflect on the answers to that question, and ponder as well how granting yourself some grace in 2022 might be beneficial.

“On my pillow, on my table, life goes on like this again.”

“Life Goes On” – BE

Released during a global pandemic, BE — read as the word “Be” and stylized in all-caps like most of BTS’ albums — explores themes of isolation and the depression and anxiety that come with it. The first song on the tracklist, “Life Goes On,” introduces a sense of hope amidst the despair.

Even from within the home, from the same sights such as your bed and your table, there is life. This lyric imbues mundane or repetitive tasks with a sense of purpose and perseverance. It’s a beautiful way to look at an uncertain, cyclical situation that may continue to bog many of us down.

“Shine, dream, smile. Let us light up the night.”

“Mikrokosmos” – MAP OF THE SOUL : PERSONA

Duality is a constant in BTS’ songs. This album is a celebration of world tours, an outpouring of joy, and an acknowledgment of the shadows that find their way into even the brightest places. The song we will focus on, however, is “Mikrokomos,” which places BTS’ fans as the small, shining universe around which BTS revolves — and vice versa.

The lyrics chosen here focus on unbridled joy. Lighting up the night, or the stadium, the hopes and dreams and beaming smiles of BTS and their fans become their own galaxy. A constellation of stage lights and light sticks bring a constant glow to an otherwise pitch black room. When brought into the context of our own lives, we can use these “Mikrokosmos” lyrics to tell ourselves to keep dreaming big and blasting through the night, no matter how fast it falls.

“Today we will survive.”


“Not Today” is a battle cry of a song. In it RM, Jin, SUGA, j-hope, Jimin, V, and Jung Kook call for all the underdogs in the world to fight. Put your hands up and keep swinging. Dance until your legs give out. Sing until your lungs give out. And then keep going. Even if you don’t think you have another day left in you, you do. This line from “Not Today” is the proof.

“Even if you collapse, oh, don’t run back, never.”


SKOOL LUV AFFAIR completes the “School Trilogy” as it further explores teen emotions, issues, struggles, and romance. The care BTS takes in crafting songs for younger generations is one of the main reasons they have become so popular today, as they speak directly to those with the most open yet hurting hearts.

This line from “Tomorrow” is delivered partially in Korean and partially in English. The lyrics are a reminder to never give up or regress no matter how difficult life seems. Don’t look back to who you were or what you couldn’t do, but instead look ahead to the future and who you will be, what you will do, if you can get through this hardship. Always look toward tomorrow.

“You can’t stop me loving myself!”


LOVE YOURSELF 結 ‘ANSWER’ is a culmination of years of the same message: “loving yourself is true love.” With celebratory anthems, party songs full of confidence and happiness, and an unashamed recognition of BTS’ global fame, it’s showing us that we can all proclaim our victories and accomplishments without shame.

“IDOL” is an emphatic and unapologetic celebration of self-love. Additionally, these specific lyrics from “IDOL” include an extremely important message. No one can stop you from loving yourself. They do not have that power over you. Self-love comes from within, and as long as you cultivate that, you can always be proud of yourself.

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