You’ve Reached the Life Model Decoy of Tony Stark- Introducing the Iron Man Mark VII Life-Size Figure

The Avengers.  That’s what we call ourselves; we’re sort of like a team.  ‘Earth’s Mightiest Heroes’ type thing.”

A combat suit designed by Billionaire genius Tony Stark, the Mark VII armor was developed for sustained battlefield conditions and equipped with a diverse range of weaponry – making Iron Man a one-man-army!

Capable of withstanding even multiple blasts from Chitauri energy weapons, this heavy-duty armored carapace was designed for rapid deployment in hostile conditions.

Inspired by the suit created in the first Avengers movie, this finely crafted museum-quality suit of armor raises the bar for screen accuracy and detail.   Illuminated from below by its light-up character base, the light glinting from its distinctive red, gold and silver armored shell, the Mark VII is an eye-catching and visually stunning suit of armor worthy of an Avenger.

Standing well over 6 feet tall, the Mark VII makes for a strikingly impressive and attention grabbing display piece. With its brightly illuminated eyes, arc reactor and palm repulsors, Iron Man’s iconic armor is brought to life, bringing a piece of Stark Tower to your home!

The crowning jewel of any Hall of Armor, and quite possibly the ultimate high-end Iron Man and Marvel Comics collectible – Sideshow’s limited edition Iron Man Mark VII Life-Size Figure is an amazing piece of comic book and movie memorabilia.

The ultimate luxury Iron Man art for any home theater, Marvel collection, gallery or cinematic display – The limited edition Iron Man Mk VII Life-Size Figure will be priced at $7,950 and will be available for Pre-Order on Thursday, June 1st between 12PM – 3PM (Pacific Time)!

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  • Artist Credits:
    The Sideshow Design and Development Team