Killer Croc has Crawled Up for a Production Gallery Update!

Killer Croc Premium Format Figure

What can I tell ya? Bein’ a reptile man ain’t pretty.”

He might not be the brightest, but this brutal Batman villain has crawled up from under the streets of Gotham for a production gallery update!  The Killer Croc Premium Format™ Figure is prepared to stomp from the sewers to your home collection.

Measuring 18.5″ of muscle and menace, Killer Croc blurs the line between man and beast.  His hunched posture gives him the appearance of brutish strength and feral fury, and his body is intricately detailed with reptilian texture, showing just how he got his name and notoriety among the rogues of Gotham.

Standing on top of a Gotham sewer-themed base, Killer Croc stomps into the waters while a rat scurries past the vicious predator.  He is a mixed media statue, featuring weathered fabric pants and a woven belt that have the actual appearance of being stained and damp from the sewage in his underground home.

The Exclusive edition of the Killer Croc Premium Format Figure comes with an alternate swap-out head with a more crocodilian portrait.  His gaping jaws are filled with rows of terrifying teeth, prepared to take a bite out of Batman or anyone who stands in his way.  The Exclusive edition is still available for order on our site.


Killer Croc is shipping out soon!  Be sure to grab this reptilian rogue and add him to your DC collection today.