Legendary invites fans to pilot a Jaeger from Pacific Rim at SDCC

We stopped by Legendary’s booth, #3920, to step inside the cockpit of Gipsy Danger, and go head to head with the fearsome kaiju, Knifehead from Pacific Rim!

jaegarpilot2 jaegar3

Powered by Facebook’s brand new Oculus Rift virtual reality technology, Legendary Pictures invites fans to join the fight and take control of the 250-foot Jaeger, in a combat simulator – with no drift connection required. During the experience star Charlie Hunnam acts as your co-pilot and guide, while the goggle headset allows you to look in all directions at the interior of the Jaeger and, of course, the approaching kaiju. Built using the same assets Industrial Light & Magic worked with for the movie, it’s seriously intense!

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