Fake singing lands prize glory

Log in to our social media channels this week, where we are hosting a bevy of wicked cool giveaways! Here are the results of our #SideshowSync lip-syncing contest.

Who could forget the odd Margot Kidder ‘Can you read my mind?’ sequence from Richard Donner’s Superman? Well El Noah brings that right back as her child heckles her with giggles. She snagged a Superman Premium Format™ Figure!

Shawn and his partner in galactic crime cranked up their Awesome Mix #1 and Ooga Chaka’ed to earn an Superman Sixth Scale Figure. Hey, you guys better be parked in your driveway!


Aw, Katy. You win $20 in Sideshow Rewards to make up for the money your daughter shook you down for!

Thank you to everyone who participated!

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