Make Some Mischief with The Joker 1:6 Scale DC Maquette by Tweeterhead

The Clown Prince of Crime is ready to cause some mayhem in your collection thanks to The Joker Maquette 1:6 scale statue by Tweeterhead!  This exciting Batman collectible captures all the excitement and madness of the Dark Knight’s most famous foe.

The Joker Maquette stands 15″ tall atop a tiled base littered with Joker face cards that have fallen from his hand.  Behind him, a canister has fallen over and a vibrant green cloud of Joker toxin is billowing out, hiding additional playing cards in its semi-translucent mists.  A second canister has a sculpted toy Robin strapped to its barrel, meaning certain doom for the Boy Wonder.

The Joker is dressed in his finest sculpted purple suit with an orange waistcoat and green dress shirt, all detailed with realistic textured details.  Paired with his iconic face makeup and wild green hair, this iconic Batman villain is a mad and menacing maniac ready to make Gotham laugh and bring Batman down at any cost.  A giant Joker face mallet rests at his side, perfect for cracking jokes and skulls whenever possible.

This Joker collectible is absolutely bonkers with crazy details, perfect for fans of Gotham’s gallery of rogues.  Be sure to add this 1:6 DC premium collectible to your own collection today!

The Joker Maquette 1:6 scale statue by Tweeterhead is available for pre-order and will be shipping very soon.  If you want to add the ultimate villain to your rogues gallery of Batman collectibles, be sure to take a closer look at The Joker Maquette and these other incredible Batman Joker collectibles.

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