Making of the Penguin Premium Format Figure by Sideshow

Join us behind the scenes! Sideshow Artist Bernardo Esquivel takes us into the Paint Room while he works on The Penguin Premium Format Figure. This DC Comics collectible places Oswald Cobblepot in the sewers. Surrounded by his fierce fowl army, this villain is ready to stir up trouble from the deepest recesses of Gotham City.

Fans can now see exactly how our artists brought this story and iconic comic character to life in mixed-media quarter scale format. Watch the Penguin Premium Format Figure “making of” video below or on Sideshow’s official YouTube channel.

Penguin Premium Format Figure by Sideshow

Birds, my sweet. Birds have happened. They’ve panicked the entire city because I told them to!

Sideshow presents The Penguin Premium Format Figure, a sinister DC Comics collectible coming home to roost in Batman’s Rogues Gallery.

For the first time ever, Sideshow’s artists have brought Gotham’s Gentleman of Crime to life as a stunning mixed-media collectible for Batman fans. The Penguin Premium Format Figure measures 20” tall and 16” wide as Oswald Cobblepot crouches in the sewers below the city, surrounded by a small colony of his namesake birds. This high-society lowlife is no one to laugh at as he clutches his signature umbrella and squawks over his latest scheme. The statue base features clear cast water elements and theatrical coloration to reflect the murky environment as the vicious penguins swim through the scene.

The Penguin Premium Format Figure combines polystone and resin sculptural elements with custom-tailored fabric costuming to create a detailed three-dimensional tribute to an iconic foe of the Dark Knight. His grotesque portrait has been crafted with all of his most identifiable features, including his beak-like nose, a clear monocle, and a black top hat. He wears a meticulously designed fabric overcoat lined with faux-fur trim and weathering details along the hem, giving Oswald an opulent but ominous appearance. The Penguin’s costume is complete with sculpted details such as his dress shirt, yellow vest, and purple pinstriped pants.

Time to break the ice — you don’t want to miss your chance to bring home Sideshow’s The Penguin Premium Format Figure for your collection!

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Did you enjoy this behind-the-scenes glimpse at The Penguin Premium Format Figure in the Paint Room? Discuss your favorite aspects of the painting process with other fans at, and don’t forget to Let Your Geek Sideshow!