A Guide to Marvel’s Most Famous Ghost Riders

Marvel’s Ghost Rider is a mystical figure across the Multiverse who holds the power of the Penance Stare. Whoever looks into the eyes of the Ghost Rider will feel all of the pain that they have ever inflicted on others. The Ghost Rider is the Spirit of Vengeance. No matter who holds the power, they fight for good. The Ghost Rider brings Hellfire’s light to a world of devastating darkness.

Each Ghost Rider has the ability to use the Penance Stare. Moreover, each Ghost Rider can connect with their mode of transportation in a supernatural way. Whether it be a horse, a motorcycle, or a car, they can merge with it and spew Hellfire from it. Finally, each Ghost Rider can summon weapons at will. They are truly cosmically powerful.

There have been many Ghost Riders through the years. It’s time to meet the ones that have made the biggest impact on the world.

Johnny Blaze

Origin: Johnny Blaze grew up learning to ride a bike just as dangerously and defiantly as his father. His biological father died at a young age, and when his adoptive father was diagnosed with a chronic illness, Johnny Blaze wasn’t ready to lose yet another parent. He searched for any kind of solution and, ultimately, made a deal with the devil. He worked with Mephisto who offered to save Johnny’s father. And just like that, Johnny Blaze was bound to Zarathos, the Spirit of Vengeance.

Ride of Choice: Motorcycle

Weapon of Choice: Mystic Chains

Danny Ketch

Origin: Danny Ketch is actually Johnny Blaze’s long-lost brother. Danny was hiding in a junkyard from attackers. He was covered in his own sister’s blood when he touched a pristine motorcycle. Just one touch, and some mix of magic and fate changed everything. Danny was imbued with the Spirit of Vengeance. In time, he would become the Spirit of Corruption, a warrior powerful enough to stand against a Spirit of vengeance.

Ride of Choice: Motorcycle

Weapon of Choice: The Blight Blade, a weapon with a similar effect to the Penance Stare

Alejandra Jones

Origin: Alejandra was raised in a tomb in Nicaragua. She was trained in a temple to bond with Zarathos, the same spirit that bonded with Johnny Blaze. Her captor, Adam, aimed to wipe all sin from humanity using the Ghost Rider’s ability. However, that left the world mindless, incapable of acting on their own will. And so Johnny Blaze worked with Alejandra to defeat the sinister Adam. They shared the power of Zarathos together, and Johnny continued to train Alejandra in all of her new powers.

Ride of Choice: Motorcycle

Weapon of Choice: Scythe

Robbie Reyes

Origin: Robbie Reyes did everything he could to take care of his brother Gabe. He worked hard as a mechanic, and he raced to make money. When a street race went bad, Robbie was killed. However, his life was saved by a Spirit of Vengeance. The spirit was revealed to be his uncle Eli, a serial killer. Though he has all the powers of Ghost Rider, yet his demons (literally) are much different. He has to resist the sinister urges of his uncle, all while fighting to use his powers for good.

Ride of Choice: A 1969 Dodge Charger

Weapon of Choice: Hell Chains, with knives at the edges


Origin: Kushala was an Apache woman in the mid-1800s. After the U.S. Army attacked her tribe and killed her parents, she was furious. In her righteous anger, she prayed. And in response, she was possessed by a Spirit of Vengeance. She fought for her people, and became the Demon Rider. In time, she learned how to use her power better than nearly any other Spirit of Vengeance. To harness her true strength, Kushala learned more magic and eventually she became the Sorcerer Supreme. Kushala can use the Spirit of Vengeance and countless spells to fight for good across time and space.

Ride of Choice: Phantom Horse

Weapon of Choice: A Wooden Axe

There have been many more Ghost Riders through the years, as well. The Punisher became The Rider. Doctor Strange became Ghost Rider. And even Spider-Man and Red Hulk became Ghost Rider for a brief time!

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