Marvel’s Miles Morales: Best Comics and Story Arcs

In October 2000, Marvel released Ultimate Spider-Man #1. It was the beginning of the Ultimate Marvel Universe, introducing new characters with new powers and new relationships. Of all the incredible stories that came from the Ultimate Universe, perhaps the most popular is the story of Miles Morales, the new Spider-Man.

Miles has survived an Incursion, found love with Ghost-Spider despite the world ending, and even fought alongside time-displaced X-Men! So let’s swing through the Multiverse and learn about the best comics stories featuring the fan-favorite webster Miles Morales.

The Ultimate Universe

There have been a few different variations of his origin story, but Miles Morales’ origin begins with Marvel’s Ultimate Universe. It all started in Norman Osborn’s laboratory. Naturally, Oscorp is always working on innovating the world, and Osborn was attempting to create a Super Soldier Serum to replicate the powers of Nick Fury and Captain America. Discovering the secret to unlocking human potential, even immortality itself, would change the world. It was called the Oz Formula, and his experiments first began on spiders. One of those spiders fell into Aaron Davis’ backpack, and that spider would go on to bite a young boy named Miles Morales.

Even when he gained his powers, Miles was hesitant if not downright opposed to accepting the responsibility of becoming a super hero. And yet, after Peter Parker’s death, when the world needed him most, he rose to the challenge. He embraced his similarities and differences to Peter Parker’s Spider-Man. After all, Miles has quite a few more abilities. Miles can camouflage and release powerful blasts of electricity. Add on Spider-Man’s trademark spider-sense and extraordinary abilities, and you’ve got an amazing, all-new Spider-Man.

Secret Wars

As many Marvel fans know, the Multiverse is composed of infinite realities — some quite similar and others extraordinarily different. Under normal circumstances, they exist alongside each other without interference. But the death of one universe’s Molecule Man sets off a chain reaction that leads into the Incursions.

When Miles’ home, Earth-1610, is on a collision course with Earth-616, only the combined efforts of both universes’ heroes can prevent total annihilation. Alongside 616 Peter Parker, Miles confronts Molecule Man, the power source behind Doctor Doom’s takeover. Miles even helps inspire people to rebel against Doom’s dystopian mess. After helping undo this alternate reality, Miles and his family are brought into the prime Marvel universe once it is reconstructed. Secret Wars marks Miles Morales’ crossover into the main Marvel comics continuity.

Civil War II

It’s hard to emphasize just how incredible Miles Morales can be, not just as a powerful super hero but as a genuinely upstanding human being. In the massive Marvel event Civil War II, an Inhuman that goes by the moniker Ulysses uses his abilities to peer into the future. He can see potential tragedies before they ever happen. Thus he feels it is his duty to stop crime before it ever happens by acting on his visions of potential futures.

When one of these futures sees Miles Morales mercilessly beating Captain America to death, the super heroes are stopped in their tracks. It was only a vision, but some of the heroes treat these visions as facts, while others only see them as potentials. Iron Man insists that Miles is a good kid. Black Panther even switches sides in the Civil War over the argument. But the true excellence of Miles’ character is confirmed when Captain America himself disregards the visions completely and puts his trust in Miles. Captain America put his trust in Miles over everything and everyone else because he knows Miles always does the right thing.

Miles Morales and the Champions

After Marvel’s second Civil War event, tensions are high between super-powered people and the general public. Even among super heroes there is leftover distrust. Miles Morales decides to leave the Avengers alongside his teammates Ms. Marvel and Nova. All three have grown disillusioned over their former mentors.

Together, these young heroes form the Champions. They welcome Viv Vision (Vision’s daughter), Amadeus Cho (a Hulk-powered hero now known as Brawn), and Riri Williams AKA Ironheart onto their team. Eventually other heroes like Gwenpool and a young Cyclops join as well. The Champions stick together like family and their adventures span time and space as they carve out their own spot in the world.

Miles Morales: The End

It’s the far future and Miles Morales is the mayor of Brooklyn. Not only that, he’s the hero that’s kept Brooklyn safe for all these years. It’s one of humanity’s last strongholds against an aggressive species of germs. And even though Brooklyn is safe, and doing all it can to help other survivors outside, there are some humans ruled by their greed. The villain of the story is Captain Last, a burly grunt who wears the remnants of Captain America’s gear.

Miles Morales defeats Captain Last the first time around, but when Captain Last comes back again, he’s merged with the germs to make himself even more powerful. The mutation and infection is a threat not just for Miles, but for Brooklyn as a whole. He realizes that Spider-Man has to give everything to save his city, so he musters all of his strength into one final venom blast. And with a surge of powerful electricity, he electrifies and defeats the germ and Captain Last. It took all of his power, all of his strength, and devastatingly took his life.

Marvel Voices: Comunidades & Legacy

At this point, Miles’ adventures show no sign of slowing down. He’s had his own saga of Spider-clone troubles, he’s bonded with Carnage, barttled Taskmaster, and he’s even teamed up with Peter Parker’s clone, Ben Reilly. But one of the things that really makes Miles Morales stand out is his identity.

Miles’ father Jefferson is Black and his mother Rio is Puerto Rican. His mixed identity is a source of pride, especially in the stories featured in Marvel’s Voices: Comunidades and Marvel Voices: Legacy series. Readers connect with Miles because they see themselves in him as he embraces every aspect of his enduring legacy.

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