Meet Atomic Misfit, a New World of Whimsical, Weird, and Wild Curated and Original Collectibles

As a part of Sideshow Con 2020, we are excited to announce an entirely new brand focused on celebrating the chic, unique, and misfit geeks- meet Atomic Misfit!

This inclusive brand creates and curates everything wild, weird, whimsical, and wondrous to inspire you and your unique style. Atomic Misfit will feature a wide range of incredible product from high-end geek lifestyle, doll, jewelry, and collectible makers, as well as original creations from stylish artists and designers from throughout the pop culture community.

You might already be familiar with some of the distributed items from RockLove Jewelry and Loungefly Apparel, or maybe even Integrity Toys, Manas SUM, and beyond- there will always be something new and novel to discover through Atomic Misfit’s dynamic curation and recommendation process.

Included in this exciting initiative is also the other recent Sideshow Con announcement that we are partnering with legendary doll designer R. Tonner, who will be creating several original doll designs with Sideshow following his hiatus from the fashion doll space.

To celebrate the launch of Atomic Misfit, every day during Sideshow Con, we will be featuring our first round of curator highlights from our own team as spotlight our favorite fandoms and products that celebrate them! Each curation blog is unique, and a perfect way to meet the Atomic Misfits in Sideshow’s community and be introduced to new and exciting collectibles you may not have seen before. Following the end of Sideshow Con, we will continue to highlight individual curators in the coming months- including fan curators!

Want to get involved? Atomic Misfit is all about inspiration and we’d love to hear what inspires YOU! Take the Atomic Misfit Curator Survey and tell us what makes you an Atomic Misfit, and what products from you would recommend to fellow collectors to celebrate their unique fandom. We might feature your responses in a future community curation spotlight!

Check out Atomic Misfit on social media on Facebook and Instagram and join our official community, the Atomic Misfits Group, on Facebook! We cannot wait for you to join us in the whimsical, wild, and weird world of Atomic Misfit.

For more news and updates from Sideshow Con 2020, stay tuned to And, as always, don’t forget to Let Your Geek Sideshow!