Say Hello to the Baby Groot Maquette from Sideshow and Legacy Effects

Groot! Get out of the way, you’re gonna get hurt…Hi!

Somebody has to look after him! Sideshow in partnership with Legacy Effects is proud to present the definitive Baby Groot Maquette, sprouting right from the work of the film-makers to your Marvel collection.

Lovingly sculpted and painted by Legacy Effects, the creative minds behind the initial character design work for Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2, Groot stands fully realized in Life-Size on top of a spaceship base, which includes a light-up feature. He stands 11” tall and has been faithfully recreated with intricate tree texture on his detailed bark-like body based on his latest cinematic appearance.

Groot is painted with a variety of earth tones that capture the depth of his vines and branches, while green hues and small leafy growths give this maquette a sense of life. The Baby Groot Maquette is waving, giving an adorable smile that could interrupt even the most intense of fights. His expressive face and wide eyes truly capture that lovable innocence that captivated fans everywhere.

While this galactic sapling doesn’t have the colossal stature of his full-grown self, Baby Groot is sure to command attention in any setting, from dangerous battles to your very own Marvel display.  The exclusive edition of this maquette features a swap-out Groot portrait with a grinning expression, and will include a certificate of authenticity.

He’s waving at you! Say hello and welcome the Baby Groot Maquette into your growing Marvel collection today.  Pre-Orders for the Baby Groot Maquette begin on Thursday, July 27th between 9am-12pm PT.  The Exclusive edition will be priced at $225.00, and the Collectors edition will be priced at $215.00.