Meet the Many Universes of Mighty Jaxx Art Collectibles!

Sideshow is excited to bring you some of the latest mind-bending art collectibles from award-winning design studio Mighty Jaxx!

Since the company’s start in 2012, Mighty Jaxx has been the mind behind over a thousand unique, clever, and downright incredible limited edition collectibles. They have collaborated with world-renowned artists and even international brands like DC Comics, Cartoon Network, MTV, and more to bring these collectible universes to life.

Check out these exciting Mighty Jaxx art collectibles available for pre-order through right now!

Designed by Jason Freeny, the Smart Bomb (Pink Edition) Vinyl Collectible is ready to blow your mind!  This bombastic toy features a bright pink colorway that makes it look both adorable and disturbing as this brain sits on your desk, your shelf or wherever you want to display this clever collectible.

Clogtwo’s Hell Lotus Reincarnation Vinyl Collectible is inspired by the idea that beauty comes from hardship and perseverance.  The Hell Lotus character tells a story of visual intrigue, combining the aesthetics of death and rebirth into one unique vinyl art collectible.  Conquer the Lotus Clan with flames and flowers with this figure in your collection.

Working with influential Thai graffiti artist Alex Face, Mighty Jaxx introduces the Baby Rabbit (Black) Polystone Statue, standing for peace in a world consumed by chaos.  Packed with hidden details and symbolism, this mysterious and mischievous baby figure features the signature third eye of many of Alex Face’s characters.

Other imaginative collectibles from Mighty Jaxx include the Anatomical Chocolate Easter Bunny (Red Velvet) Vinyl Collectible, which featured a flocked exterior and a humorous and delicious-looking cross-section revealing the chocolate-like interior of an Easter Bunny, and the Balloon Dog Anatomy (Metallic Black) Collectible Figure, revealing the detailed visible skeletal system inside of the iconic balloon dog shape.

Both of these anatomical art collectibles designed by Jason Freeny are currently waitlisted on, so don’t delay- put yourself on the waitlist if you’re interested in adding them to your collection, and be sure to check out the other eccentric and unique offerings from Mighty Jaxx!

Bring some character to your collection with Mighty Jaxx art collectibles today!