Muslim Super Heroes Across Comics

The month of Ramadan is here! To celebrate the holiday, we’ve assembled a list of Muslim super heroes across comics, from Marvel and DC to international publishers. While there are certainly more Muslim characters throughout the comics, these are just a few of the most powerful and well-known.

Ramadan Mubarak! Let’s dive in to meet these astonishing heroes.

Ms. Marvel

Publisher: Marvel

Name: Kamala Khan

Powers: Ms. Marvel is an Inhuman. After her powers were activated by a Terrigen Bomb, she became an extremely powerful polymorph. Her Inhuman lineage allows her to shift her cells on a molecular level in order to shift, stretch, grow, or completely alter her own appearance. Similar to Mystique, she can shapeshift and much like Mr. Fantastic, her embiggening powers allow her to manipulate the size and structure of her own mass. Plus, Kamala has a healing factor, though the use of this power prevents her from using other abilities as effectively.

Fun Fact: Kamala is one of the founding members of the Champions, a team of teenagers who hoped to impact the world in a more positive way than the Avengers after the second super-human Civil War.


Publisher: Marvel

Name: Sooraya Qadir

Powers: She’s a mutant with the extraordinary ability to change her body into sand, not unlike the Spider-Man antihero Sandman. However, Dust controls the sand on a telepathic level, spinning and slicing with each grain of sand however she so chooses. With this power, she can create sandstorms anywhere her sand can reach — even becoming a cloud of sand particles herself. Most recently on Krakoa, Dust has been utilized in quelling devastating Martian sandstorms on Arakko and using her particle control to connect mutants telepathically.

Fun Fact: During the the M-Day event, Dust defeated Nimrod, one of the X-Men’s most powerful enemies.


Publisher: Marvel

Name: Faiza Hussain

Powers: Faiza is a skilled doctor, with extensive knowledge of the body and all of its functions. After being hit with an alien weapon during the Skrull invasion, she also gained the extraordinary ability to completely deconstruct and reconstruct any type of matter. Whether it’s inanimate or organic, Faiza can separate things into different parts and then heal, alter, or modify them before putting them back together again. She’s got the perfect ability for a doctor, a mechanic, and so much more.

Fun Fact: In addition to her impressive power, Faiza also wields the legendary blade of King Arthur. It grants her the ability to detect magic, destroy nearly any being, and make the user effectively invincible.


Publisher: Marvel

Name: Monet St. Croix

Powers: Monet is a perfect genius — with the ego to match. However, almost anything is possible with mutant abilities like hers, so the attitude is slightly forgivable. She can fly, she has telepathy, and she has the speed and strength to match any other Marvel powerhouse. While she made her debut with Generation X, Monet has recently worked alongside Angel as the leader of X-Corp, as well as an accomplice to Forge for Krakoan X-Men teams.

Fun Fact: Monet’s older brother once trapped her in the form of a being called Penance. As Penance, Monet’s body is made of durable red skin with claws that are sharp as knives.

Josiah X

Publisher: Marvel

Name: Josiah al hajj Saddiq

Powers: Josiah was created to be the perfect Super Soldier, just like Captain America. After all, his father was one of the first super soldiers, Isaiah Bradley. However, Josiah is not just a military weapon; his strength extends far beyond his muscle. As a Muslim minister and activist, Josiah uses his intelligence and compassion to be much more than just a soldier.

Fun Fact: Josiah’s nephew is Eli Bradley, a member of the Young Avengers.

Green Lantern

Publisher: DC Comics

Name: Simon Baz

Powers: Simon Baz has all the powers of a Green Lantern. With enough willpower, Simon can do anything. He’s accomplished feats unlike any other Green Lantern of the past. Simon was able to heal an incurable disease with just willpower alone. He also has Emerald Sight, an extremely rare ability that seems to allow him to see the future.

Fun Fact: His path of healing extends to the magical. Simon was able to heal a Red Lantern of her rage, something that usually requires a Blue Lantern Ring to accomplish.

Doctor Fate

Publisher: DC Comics

Name: Khalid Nassour

Powers: Though he was unaware for most of his life, Khalid actually descends from a lineage of Egyptian pharaohs. His lineage, as well as his connection (however tenuous) to ancient Egyptian gods like Anubis, allows him access to incredible ancient magic. Coupled with the Helmet of Fate, he is empowered by the very Lords of Order themselves. The combination of his magical heritage and empowered helmet mean that Khalid’s capabilities are great and many.

Fun Fact: Khalid is often guided by Archangels, helping him navigate his role as a hero and his faith.


Publisher: DC Comics

Name: Bilal Asselah

Powers: Nightrunner has no specific powers. Instead, all of his acrobatic strength and combat skills comes from his dedication to his own training. After being devastated by the violence of the world, Bilal undergoes intensive training to become better equipped to protect the vulnerable. He even worked alongside Batman for quite some time and is now considered a part of the Bat-Family.

Fun Fact: Nightrunner is sometimes referred to as the Batman of Paris.

Silver Scorpion

Publisher: Liquid Comics

Name: Bashir Bari

Powers: Bashir is a chosen guardian of an ancient power. This power grants him the ability to manipulate metal with his own mind. His power is immense and certainly mysterious. Not unlike metal soldered together, Bashir brings people together.

Fun Fact: Though Bashir lost his legs in a terrible accident, he does not use his powers to “fix” himself. He represents the beautiful ideal that we are not in need of fixing, we are in need of loving ourselves and others. Bashir fights with love every day.

The 99

Publisher: Teshkeel Comics

Name: The 99

Powers: The 99 are a team of 99 individual Muslim super heroes working together. Each of them has a power based on the 99 attributes of Allah. They fight against the chaos and greed of this world.

Fun Fact: There was a limited series at DC Comics where The 99 crossed over with the Justice League, as the team worked together to save the planet.

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