NERDCLASH: Captain America VS. Star-Lord – Winners Announced!

With Chris Pratt and Chris Evans placing the sports dignity of their Marvel superhero alter-egos on the line in the most geektastic Super Bowl wager ever, it got us thinking:


Who would win in a throw down between Captain America and Star-Lord?

We’ve decided the only way to find out is to ask the people who know best – YOU! Join us on Twitter now and make a case for your pick: Captain America, the First Avenger? Or Star-Lord, the Legendary Outlaw?

UPDATE: Captain America wins this round with a whopping 66% vote!

NERD CLASH Contest Rules

To make it interesting, we’ll be awarding awesome prizes for the most convincing arguments on each side, including one Hot Toys Star-Lord Sixth Scale Figure and one Hot Toys Captain America Stealth STRIKE Suit Sixth Scale Figure. How’s that for nerd cred! Here’s how to enter: