New Photos – Hulk Maquette

Check out these newly unveiled photos of Sideshow’s Hulk Maquette! Inspired by his appearance in Age of Ultron, the biggest, burliest and angriest Avenger is seen here at his most furious –one fist tightly clenched, his face contorted in rage and frustration and every muscle and sinew bulging against his green skin! This museum-quality piece depicts Bruce Banner’s tortured alter-ego in a suitably dynamic (and aggressive!) pose, twisting and snarling at an unseen foe or threat, his bare feet tearing up the very ground he walks on!

Skillfully reproduced in incredible detail by Sideshow’s artists, this truly impressive work is a masterpiece of composition and execution. Every inch of the Hulk has been captured with astonishing accuracy, from the tension in his jaw as he grits his teeth, to the dirt on his feet – and of course, don’t forget his high-tech ultra-breathable stretchy purple shorts! This monstrous maquette simply has to be seen “in the flesh” to really appreciate its sheer size, scale and impact. It’s a big, bold centerpiece for any collection, and a king-sized collectible for any Marvel fan!

Sideshow Exclusive

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