New Photos of Spider-Man’s most Venomous foe have arrived!

The Venom Premium Format™ Figure stands 24 inches high in a classic Spider-Man-like pose on top of a dramatic “exploding” base which depicts a frozen snapshot in time during an epic battle with smoke, debris, and twisted metal combined with structural classical Roman elements that evoke parts of the New York skyline!

Described by our team as a “modern monster incarnation of Venom” this Premium Format Figure has the characteristic split-face and leering grin that makes this gruesome symbiote the stuff of nightmares. His misshapen eyes, jagged fangs and oversized undulating tongue give him an even more demonic appearance and perfectly captures the chaotic side of this sentient alien parasite and his human host Eddie Brock!

The Exclusive Edition features an additional “Classic” portrait with larger eyes, smoother features, smaller more even teeth and a shorter tongue, all of which combine to show a “classic Venom” more akin to his earlier comic book incarnations.

Order Venom now and add him to your Marvel collection before this notorious symbiote crawls away forever!

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