New Photos of the Deathstroke Premium Format Figure are here!

He is known as Slade Wilson, and is probably one of DC Comics most dangerous assassins. Deathstroke the mercenary has been know to strike fear into some of the mightiest of heroes using his skills to hunt Batman, Teen Titans, and the Justice League. Deathstroke was a product of an attempted meta-human super soldier experiment after being injected with a top secret serum turning Slade into a cunning and ruthless man hunter.

Sideshow pays homage to the merciless man hunter with this new museum quality Premium Format™ Figure, depicting this relentless assassin in his trademark orange and blue attire and one-eyed mask, but in our own signature hyper-real style. Never one to be caught unarmed, Deathstroke is festooned with a veritable arsenal of firearms, swords, and knives – even storing large blades in the vambraces that protect his forearms!

A Sideshow Exclusive version features a swap-out hand holding Deathstroke’s Power Staff.

Order the Deathstroke Premium Format™ Figure now before he is gone forever!

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