New Photos of the Malavestros Premium Format Figure are here!

Check out the new photos of the Malavestros: Death’s Chronicler-Fool Premium Format™ Figure! Nothing is ever what it appears to be in the Underworld, and thus it would be wise not to dismiss Malavestros as mere comic relief in the Court of the Dead.

Standing over 20” high, Malavestros is bedecked in bone-chillingly baroque garb, from his cummerbund of glossy guts, to the plethora of decorative skulls that festoon his wardrobe. The figure’s highly-detailed base features an eerily levitating cracked tombstone, stately crumbling architecture, melting candles and all manner of delightfully macabre flotsam from the Mortal Realm.

The Exclusive version includes “A Fool’s True Face” swap-out portrait with Malavestros’ true cadaverous countenance!

Be sure to order the Malavestros: Death’s Chronicler-Fool Premium Format™ Figure before he is gone for good!

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