New Photos of the Mr. Freeze Premium Format™ Figure

ā€œThreats are meaningless to a man who has lost everything.ā€

Sideshow presents new production photos of the Mr. Freeze Premium Format™ Figure, a chilling new addition to your universe of DC Comics collectibles.

The Mr. Freeze Premium Format™ Figure measures 24ā€ tall on top of a frostbitten laboratory base. As Batmanā€™s below-zero foe, Victor Fries has his cryogenic gun prepared to give the Dark Knight a cold reception. Jagged blue ice crystals protrude upwards from the snowy scene, which features the tatters of a black cape and a batarang below Freezeā€™s boots.

The polyresin Mr. Freeze Premium Format™ Figure features a fully sculpted cryonic battle suit with intricate armor paneling and blue tubing as a part of the complex machinery keeping him alive.Ā  He has detailed gauntlets and boots, with rivets and stitching details throughout the costume for added realism. Victor Fries is known for keeping a cool head, and his strikingly pale portrait with red goggles is encased in a glass dome, completing his iconic silhouette.

The Exclusive Edition of the Mr. Freeze Premium Format™ Figure comes with a frozen effigy of his beloved Nora Fries under a cryonic dome, which includes a light-up feature.Ā  This beautiful exclusive proximity piece can be displayed alongside the statue to melt even the coldest of hearts.

The ice man cometh to your Batman collection, so bring home the Mr. Freeze Premium Format™ Figure today!

For full unboxing and assembly instructions, be sure to watch the Mr. Freeze Out of the Box video below.