New Photos of the Predator Jungle Hunter Maquette are here!

Check out the new photos of the Predator Jungle Hunter Maquette! When an elite special forces group is sent on a rescue mission in the jungle of Central America, they encounter something not of this world. The Yautja, or commonly known as Predators, are a technologically advance race of aliens that hunt other beings for sport, taking their skulls as trophies. The elite soldiers soon become the hunted!

The Jungle Hunter Maquette stands an imposing 27.5” and is clad in his traditional armor which is a combination of polyresin and fabric elements. This amazing portrayal of the iconic alien can be displayed with two swap out portraits. One with his mask on, ready to hunt his prey with infrared vision. And one portrait with the mask off, showing his grotesque alien features.

The Exclusive Edition of the Predator Jungle Hunter Maquette comes with the alternate left hand holding a skull trophy as if it was just ripped from the body of one of his human prey!

Order the Predator Jungle Hunter Maquette now before he vanishes back into the jungle forever!

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