New Photos of the Rey Premium Format™ Figure!

After rummaging through the wreckage of a fallen Star Destroyer, new photos of the Star Wars Collectible Rey™ Premium Format™ Figure have arrived! Don’t worry, they are worth more than one quarter portion. Living in solitude on the Planet Jakku, Rey struggles to make a living scavenging through the wreckage of the great Battle of Jakku of the Star Wars™ universe.

Rey stands 20” tall atop a sandy Jakku-themed base. The figure’s portrait is based on actress Daisy Ridley, and has carefully sculpted hair capturing Rey’s now-iconic style. The Rey Premium Format™ Figure is a polystone statue, with exceptions for her PVC portrait and hands, as well as her trusty staff. Incorporating mixed media, she has an expertly tailored costume, belt, and left wrist cuff.

For those who ordered the Exclusive Edition, the exclusive features Rey’s Rebel X-wing Helmet. A relic scavenged from the wreckage on Jakku.

Order the Rey Premium Format™ Figure and awaken the Force in your collection today!