New Production Photos Evil-Lyn Statue

Check out these new photos of our Evil-Lyn Premium Format™ Figure – adding even more magic and mystery to our Masters of the Universe line-up!

Intelligent, fearless and almost peerless in her magical prowess, Evil-Lyn is a dangerous foe to He-Man and the forces of good, and a mighty ally to Skeletor and his evil warriors. That is, when it suits her own nefarious schemes!

The sinister sorceress has a mastery of the black arts that is only rivaled by Skeletor himself, and her insatiable lust for power and all-consuming ambition fuel her jealousy and make her an untrustworthy and unpredictable cohort for the overlord of evil and his minions.

She may tolerate Skeletor for now, but she plans to one-day usurp his title, and take Snake Mountain – and then the rest of Eternia – for herself!

This limited edition and highly collectible Premium Format™ Figure takes inspiration from Evil-Lyn as she appeared in the 1980’s cartoon series, but with our own signature Sideshow twist!

We’ve combined artfully sculpted and perfectly painted hyper-realistic details with intricate fabric elements and exquisite textures to create a beautiful and eye-catching piece that’s sure to be the pride of any collection!

Evil-Lyn’s iconic headdress frames the cold beauty of her face as she pierces you with her icy gaze, while her intricately-detailed armor hugs her figure, accentuating her lithe silhouette while leaving her back exposed to reveal twin serpent tattoos.

A rich purple black bat-wing train studded with sparkling pinpoints of light intertwines with her armor, before wrapping around her to gather at her wrists.

Evil-Lyn also wields an arcane staff with a crystal orb giving her the power to not only see glimpses of the future but also magically alter her appearance.

She stands atop a base which echoes design elements found on the Skeletor Premium Format™ Figure, combining the writhing serpent motifs, treacherous terrain and scalding lava streams of Snake Mountain!

The Sideshow exclusive variant of this museum-quality Premium Format™ Figure features a stand-alone base which serves as a perch for Screeech, Evil-Lyn’s personal spy and familiar.

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