Meet Marvel Comics’ Newest Spider-Verse Characters

Marvel Comics’ web of Spider Totems continues to expand! With the Edge of Spider-Verse anthology comic series recently on shelves, Spider-Man fans were re-acquainted with a whole bunch of Spider-heroes and heroines. Some have familiar faces, but many are brand new iterations to the universe!

Below, get a refresher on some of the most important young Spider-heroes. Plus, meet the new Spider-Verse characters.

Cindy Moon / Silk

In a separate universe, Cindy Moon was bitten by the same radioactive spider as Peter Parker! But make no mistake: Silk is her own hero through-and-through. Her big bad is Green Goblin, and she’s fought and succeeded against him many times. Cindy also leads the fight against the Inheritors, traveling throughout the Multiverse to keep all Spider Totems and regular civilians alike safe from that cosmic threat.

Miles Morales / Spider-Man

Miles Morales is a teenager from Brooklyn and became his Earth’s Spidey following Peter Parker’s death. However, Miles and the rest of his friends are now part of the Prime Universe’s history, and he coexists alongside many other Spider-heroes. Recently Miles has taken up the mantle of Spider-Man and is teaming up with Scarlet Spider to stop genetically modified creatures from destroying the world. Kid’s got his hands full!

Gwen Stacy / Ghost-Spider

You all know Gwen Stacy — this one is a drummer and dancer from an alternate universe. After she loses her BFF to a horrific villain attack, Gwen vows to protect her city from further harm. Donning a spider-suit, she uses her powers to kick but on the streets as well as on stage. For a while she went by Spider-Gwen, but now she’s Ghost-Spider, an homage to all the dead versions of her from other worlds. Pretty punk choice, if you ask us.

Felicia Hardy / Night-Spider

Felicia Hardy AKA Black Cat is taking this whole spider-hero thing for a spin. How? It’s difficult to say. While Felicia typically prowls on the side of the villains, she’s starting fresh with web-winding powers as Night-Spider in the Spider-Verse anthology. Perhaps she’s from an alternate universe where Peter Parker never got bitten, and his on-again off-again girlfriend did instead?

Zarina Zahari / Spider-UK

Taking a break from Ramadan, Zarina Zahari hangs with her best friend and enjoys some girl time. However, everything changes when a dragon attacks the mayor’s press conference. Yep, a dragon. Is Spider-UK up for the task? Issue #2 of Edge of Spider-Verse introduces us to this new hero with a fantastical foe.


Web-Weaver is the first out and proud gay spider-hero! This dramatic fashion designer works at Van Dyne and uses his powers to strut his stuff. When he saves the day, he’ll look absolutely stunning doing it. Details surrounding Web-Weaver’s past are still being uncovered, so be sure to pick up his spotlight issue to support his stylish Marvel Comics debut.

Sergei Kravinoff / Hunter-Spider

Alright, this one isn’t a hero. But he’s integral to the Edge of Spider-Verse canon. Usually known as the Spider-Man villain Kraven the Hunter, Sergei Kravinoff is now the evil Spider Totem Hunter-Spider. What dastardly plans has he woven for our heroes? It might be too soon to say, but it looks like Web-Weaver will be tasked with defeating that angry arachnid!

Charlotte Webber / Sun-Spider

Sun-Spider AKA Charlotte Webber is a Spider Totem and wheelchair user who carries crutches that shoot webs. Pretty awesome, right? Recruited by Spider-Man himself, she’s solidified her spot as a super hero by rescuing Spiderling from within the Web of Life and Destiny. Now she gets her own solo story in the Spider-Verse anthology series!



Spinstress is a princess within a musical! For her anthology story, Spinstress will take on enemies who threaten her kingdom, all while serenading and talking to spiders. It’s the Disney-esque comic crossover we didn’t know we needed. And we’re super excited to see what her adorable arachnids have to say — or sing!

Pter Ptarker / Spider-Rex

In prehistoric times, a weak pteranodon is mercilessly bullied by a powerful T-rex. In a critical moment, however, a meteorite full of alien spiders falls upon the pair. Suddenly Pter’s T-rex body is teeming with spider powers — thus, Spider-Rex is born. Now this amazing dino must navigate his new life and responsibilities.

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