Star Wars: Obi-Wan Kenobi Part V Episode Review

In last week’s newest Star Wars™ story, Obi-Wan Kenobi: Part IV™, Obi-Wan Kenobi™ infiltrated Fortress Inquisitorius™. There he rescued Princess Leia Organa™, learned about the Jedi tomb on Nur™, and narrowly escaped another confrontation with Third Sister™.

Part V brings Obi-Wan Kenobi back to the planet Jabiim™. Here he will rally a group of refugees, and remember precious moments before Order 66™ took away everything he loved. After you’ve checked out our recap for Part IV, keep reading for our recap and review of the fifth Obi-Wan Kenobi episode below — plus get some of our predictions for Part VI.

Remembering Anakin

The episode begins with a flashback. Set during the Attack of the Clones™ era, the scene features a practice match between Master Obi-Wan Kenobi and his Padawan Anakin Skywalker™. This duel, while playful and friendly, serves as a parallel for the entire episode. It frames the Ben Kenobi™ and Darth Vader™ confrontation, putting a past perspective on a present encounter.

Back to Jabiim

When we leave Coruscant™, we’re back on Jabiim. Everyone is relieved because Tala™ and Ben have Leia. Plus, we meet familiar friends. Haja Estree™ appears with better intentions — but still credits on his mind. However, the relief doesn’t last long.

Darth Vader’s Attack

In hyperspace, Darth Vader prepares his attack. He’s also remembering his training with Obi-Wan Kenobi. Yet Darth Vader’s part features Anakin’s anger and aggression. He beats Obi-Wan back, complacent as he forces his way into what he considers a sure victory.

Leia Takes Charge

Meanwhile on Jabiim, everything is locked down — including the hangar bay door that the Rebels really need open. Roken™ gets to work on opening those, but he’s not making enough progress. So our intrepid young princess agrees to cut straight to the source. In an homage to Ezra Bridger™ of Star Wars: Rebels™, Leia crawls through the base’s vents to reach a control panel.

Once she’s inside, we get another adorable dose of nostalgia. Reminding us of the Leia and Han Solo™ scene in the Millennium Falcon™ from The Empire Strikes Back™, Leia pokes and prods at a mess of wires. She’s looking for a red one, of course. And once Lola’s™ restraining bolt is found and subsequently removed, the droid and human duo make quick work of this task.

Reva’s Reveal

As most heroes tend to do, Obi-Wan goes it alone. The old Jedi confronts Third Sister™ at the base’s fortified entrance. Finally her backstory — and her shocking goals — are revealed. Like many of us guessed in the Obi-Wan Kenobi pilot, Third Sister, AKA Reva™, was one of the younglings shown during that Order 66 introduction scene.

Reva, then, has been biding her time to get close to Darth Vader. By getting in the Sith Lord’s good graces, she hopes to gain his trust and be able to exact her revenge. She’s been biding her time for a while, though. And it seems to have corrupted her beyond redemption.

Kenobi Surrenders

Still, Obi-Wan asks for her assistance defeating Vader. He wants to help her. However, Reva has her doubts about Obi-Wan’s intentions. She doesn’t think he wants Vader dead. So she runs her lightsaber through a metal door and allows her stormtroopers™ to run rampant inside.

During the siege, Tala and NED-B™ sacrifice themselves to keep the other Rebels safe. After only a brief time with Tala, her death hurts. Obi-Wan also witnesses her demise, causing his already fragile mental state to crumble. He’s overcome with grief from the past and present. But he still battles on, determined to save those who remain alive.

A Daring Escape

Just as the shuttle takes off, Darth Vader appears. He grabs the shuttle mid-air with the Force. And it’s easy for him. As always, this Star Wars villain is impressive. Most impressive.

Darth Vader rips the Rebel transport to pieces in his impatience. However, Obi-Wan Kenobi has used his understanding of his old friend to trick him. A second shuttle flies off behind the wreckage of the first. Darth Vader, drained and disgusted, watches as it goes.

The Grand Inquisitor

Defeat doesn’t belong to Vader alone. Thinking that he’s distracted, Reva strikes. She’s stopped immediately. Vader could kill her in an instant, but he gives her a chance to fight. Again, Jedi: Fallen Order™ fans can’t miss the video game reference. This respect for one another’s power is also seen in Trilla™ and Darth Vader’s duel.

After a tense fight, Darth Vader eventually runs Reva through with a lightsaber. Then the Grand Inquisitor™ struts into the room. Plucking the Grand Inquisitor badge from Reva’s armor, he monologues at her about her worthlessness. It’s brutal. It’s upsetting. And the two men leave Reva to rot.

Luke Skywalker

What they don’t expect is for Reva to live. She finds Obi-Wan’s discarded communication device. On it, a hologram from Bail Organa™ checks in with Obi-Wan and references both Owen Lars™ and Luke Skywalker™. On the transport, Obi-Wan senses the disturbance in the Force but pretends to brush it off.

Our penultimate episode, Part V, ends with a quick cut to 10-year-old Luke Skywalker. The child sleeps peacefully on Tatooine™. Unbeknownst to him, our story is going to come to a close next week right where it began.

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