How To Level Up Your Display – Pedestal Source

Congratulations, you’ve acquired your newest collectible from and now, you have the opportunity to put your marvelous collection on display for the complete and utter admiration of all those who walk through your abode.

Your high-end item deserves a high-end display.

Sideshow recommends our friends and collaborators at Pedestal Source.

Who is Pedestal Source?

Pedestal Source is a Colorado-based, boutique design-and-build display manufacturer operating at From clear acrylic pedestals to black laminate cylinder pedestals with ambient lights, Pedestal Source already has a wide variety of display options. However, they are just as eager to work on a one-by-one basis with each customer, creating custom solutions for your specific display.

Sideshow’s Preferred Display Partner

When Sideshow looks to impress at our Thousand Oaks headquarters, or events like Sideshow Con, we turn to the creative team of display specialists at Pedestal Source.

The elegance of their displays complement even the most intricate of collectibles, emphasizing colors, form, and light. Just as a frame can match a photo, a pedestal can match a collectible. Their custom lighting solutions, seen throughout this week’s Sideshow Con, allow for a brilliant interaction of shadow and light on the form of the figure.

In fact, we’ll be chatting with their team at 11:30 a.m. on Tuesday, July 20, during Sideshow Con Live!

Sideshow Con Discount

To celebrate Pedestal Source throughout the Con, we’re offering a 10% off coupon code, exclusively available to Sideshow’s audience during Sideshow Con. To take advantage of this offer, visit and use code SIDESHOWCON2021.

And of course, check out Pedestal Source on Instagram @pedestal.source!