POLL: Which Decade Has the Best Horror?

There is a time and a place for everything, especially horror. Pre-Code Hollywood gave us horror movies that really went off the deep end. And the days of kitschy black and white terror have a certain timeless quality to them — the blood spills are like pools of darkness and the shadows are crisply defined.

Then again, the ’70s have that intriguing filtered effect, where the warm colors bleed into each other and the acting never fails to be unsettling in its chilling candor. On the other hand, the ’80s gave us so many classic slasher flicks and the ’90s? Nobody did self-referential horror like the ’90s. Or maybe you’re a fan of postmodern pastiche?

There are plenty of eras from which to find the perfect scare. But in your opinion, which horror decade is absolutely to die for?

Every decade has its own distinct feel when it comes to horror. There’s certainly not a wrong choice in picking your favorite — the Universal Monsters, meta murderers, and creature features can along exist harmoniously. Well … as harmoniously as horror ever goes.

Tell us your fave horror flicks from each decade! List them in the comments and don’t forget to Let Your Geek Sideshow.

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