Put Mutant Mind Over Matter with the Emma Frost Premium Format™ Figure

“Just you wait- I’m full of surprises.”

Bow before the White Queen! Sideshow is proud to present the Emma Frost Premium Format™ Figure, the next addition to the X-Men Collection.

The Emma Frost Premium Format™ Figure measures 19.5” tall as the talented telepath takes a stand on a destroyed Cerebro room base. Cyclops’s visor, Juggernaut’s footprint, and Wolverine’s distinctive claw marks can be seen among the debris of the mutant mindwave device.

Captured in a moment of intense telepathic focus, the Emma Frost Premium Format™ Figure looks elegant in her flowing white fabric cape, custom tailored with internal wiring to allow for posing. Emma Frost wears a sculpted white costume along with gloves and boots, all detailed with lifelike textures of stitching and lacing, subtly patterned with her diamond motif. Her blonde hair flows around her beautiful portrait as she focuses her immense mental powers on stopping the threat at hand.

Pair Emma Frost with other notable faces from Sideshow’s X-Men Collection, including Wolverine, Mystique, and Magneto, to create the ultimate mutant display in your Marvel collection.

The Exclusive Edition of Emma Frost includes an alternate classic portrait, with a devious smirk on her face. She has shorter, lighter hair and striking blue eyes and lips to show off her more villainous side.

It doesn’t take a mind reader to know you need the Emma Frost Premium Format™ Figure in your lineup of mutant Marvel collectibles!

Pre-orders for the Emma Frost Premium Format™ Figure will begin on Thursday, July 5th between 12pm-3pm PST.  The Exclusive Edition will be priced at $575.00 and the Collector Edition will be priced at $560.00.

Artist Credits:

  • Design: Ian MacDonald, Tom Jilesen, Zac Roane
  • Sculpt: Igor Catto, Steve Lord
  • Mold and Cast: Adam Smith
  • Paint: Chie Izuma, Holly Knevelbaard
  • Cut and Sew: Tim Hanson
  • The Sideshow Design and Development Team