Rare Finds: Hidden Gems from Mighty Jaxx Collectibles

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A Mighty Impact on Your Shelf

Even if you don’t recognize the name, you may have seen Mighty Jaxx figures and statues without realizing it. They specialize in unique artist visions realized as physical and digital art pieces that are limited edition, but unlimited on creativity. Between original artist series and globally recognized brands, the library of Mighty Jaxx designer toys is colorful, quirky, and eye-catching.

Make a statement on your shelf with these hidden gems that celebrate pop culture, challenge our perception of the world, and ignite our artistic sensibilities.

Play Yourself (Red Bro Edition) Polystone Statue by Mighty Jaxx

Platforming his way across your shelf.

Wahoo! Red Bro sure knows how to press your buttons, equipped with a cable tail and a cartoonish pose celebrating the iconic shapes and colors of classic video games. Upgraded from 8-bit graphics to a three-dimensional polystone statue, the video gaming collectible envisioned by artist Christian Brennan is packed with nostalgia to activate your memory cards. If you’re ready to Play Yourself, this controller-headed character is a NES-essary addition to any gaming-themed collection — no cheat codes needed.

Melting Missile Polystone Statue by Mighty Jaxx

Prepare to have your mind blown…

Ready, aim, fire! Mighty Jaxx has an entire armory of melting weapon designs as envisioned by artist Jason Freeney, as whimsical as they are devastating and drippy. The Melting Missile Polystone Statue is camouflage-colored for stealth in the skies, but its unique sculpture physics and use of negative space will make it stand out in any collection. Get your launch button at the ready and deploy this unforgettable design wherever you need a POP of creativity in your view.

Global Warning Polystone Statue by Mighty Jaxx

This one will give you chills.

Mighty Jaxx’s Global Warning serves as a thought-provoking artist statement by Kerby Rosanes, as a lonely polar bear finds itself on increasingly thin ice. Terror waits in the depths as the frosty floatation layer splits and cracks, threatening to send the bear for a polar plunge. This beautiful polystone statue uses unique double casting to create the contrasting visuals of the skull and bear surrounded by the icy sea. Natural, beautiful, and devastating, you won’t want to take your eyes off of this precarious piece.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Collectible Set by Mighty Jaxx

Sewer-dwelling street fashion!

These heroes in a half-shell are ready to take over your shelf. Artist Danil Yad lends his unique vision to these iconic crimefighters, paying tribute to their signature colors and weapons with a modernized streetwear execution. You can’t break these brothers apart, so this TMNT collectible set features each of the fearsome foursome backed with a graffiti wall backdrop. Raphael, Leonardo, Donatello, and Michelangelo each come on a triangle-shaped base, so these pizza lovers look great together no matter which way you slice it.

Transformers x Quiccs: Bumblebee Vinyl Bust by Mighty Jaxx

His silence speaks volumes.

These beats are buzzing — all Auto-tuned! Bumblebee steps to the mic in this creative bust design by artist Quiccs, tackling the beloved Transformer in an innovative way. This Autobot puts the peddle to the metal with his shining yellow exterior, extra decked out with flair such as chains and a knuckle ring reading “EMCEE.” Limited to an edition of only 500 pieces, get the party started and decimate the Decepticons with MC Bee on your team. Even Soundwave can’t compete.

Provoke your thoughts and spark your imagination with these Mighty Jaxx collectibles for art lovers, fandom geeks, and creative souls alike.

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