Rare Finds: Iconic Video Game Character Collectibles

Looking to combine childhood nostalgia with your adult budget? Sideshow’s Rare Finds is your source for all things cool, classy, and collectible.

Button Mashing is Totally a Strategy

You’ve reached a checkpoint! Congrats, gamer β€” don’t forget to save your game and take a well-earned break to browse some of the most iconic characters to hit the screen over the years. From 8-bit renders to full cinematics, gaming has evolved and these collectibles have upped the level of artistry to match. After all, who can resist grinding to unlock the coolest weapons or shelling out a bit of premium currency for the most colorful cosmetics?

Whether you’re a completionist or a speed runner, whether you play extreme difficulties or prefer more relaxing modes, you won’t want to miss having these tangible trophies on your shelf as a testament to your video game fandom.

Johnny Silverhand Statue by PureArts

Wake up, Samurai…

While the era may change, the heart and soul of the Cyberpunk world remains the same. And who better to lead the rebellious charge than the breathtaking Rockerboy Johnny Silverhand? Every good lead singer needs a killer soundtrack, which is why this statue has been augmented with a built-in speaker system and genuine HD LCD screen that bring music and sights from Cyberpunk 2077 to life before your eyes. In a genre full of tech and body mods, this might be the coolest integration of human and machine to date.

Geralt Manticore Figure by Dark Horse Comics

If your collection needs a professional…

When you’re done playing a winning hand in Gwent, there’s plenty of monsters out there that need hunting. Yeah, it’s easy to get sidetracked in such a grand fantasy world, but when you’re a Witcher, you have a job to do. Geralt has undergone much training and many different schools of battle to become one of the best out there. So, if you have some extra coin burning a hole in your satchel, you know where to toss it.

Mario and Yoshi Statue by First 4 Figures

Let’s-a go!

In a gaming landscape filled with super heroes, monster slayers, and elite soldiers, one portly, platforming plumber casts the biggest shadow of them all. Putting the POW in power player, Mario and his trusty steed Yoshi are ready to tackle turtles and stomp shrooms all the way to the castle. This side-scrolling superstar will look perfect on any shelf from World 1-1 to World 8-4. Wahoo!

Chun-Li: Player 2 Battle Statue EX by Premium Collectibles Studio

Street Fighter? I hardly know’er!

Forget the heavy artillery upgrades β€” Chun-Li knows that the best weapon is the right to bare arms (and some seriously muscular legs). A queen among the urban combat scene, this iconic fighting femme is beauty, grace, and unafraid to kick someone in the face. But even the heroes of Street Fighter know how to kick back and relax, which takes us to Kanzuki Beach for some sun, surf, and summer battling.

1942 x RepliCade by New Wave Toys

Ready your quarters…

What’s more iconic than a retro-themed gaming cabinet? Not everyone can make way for a full-sized arcade in their home, which is why this sixth scale 1942 RepliCade makes the perfect solution. Set a high score on this iconic Capcom title in the comfort of your own home without hitting a new high on your credit card bill. Fully playable with the built-in buttons or included external secondary controller, this high-fidelity, actual arcade game comes with a premium LCD screen, HDTV connectivity, and tiny metal tokens so you can line them up on the control panel and call dibs on the next round.

Miles Morales Sixth Scale Figure by Hot Toys

The friendly neighborhood just got closer to home…

If anyone knows anything about super cool in-game cosmetics, it’s Miles Morales. C’mon, the guy is an expert in threads! With a highly articulated body and dynamic stand, this Spider-Man can do whatever a spider can. Pose him swinging on a web or toting Spider-Cat in his backpack to recreate all the action-packed loading screens and battle scenes from this smash-hit video game. Plus, he comes with winter wear so he can look cool and stay warm. Now that’s a sensational Spider-Man!

Between Easter eggs and achievement trophies, it’s addicting to try to hit 100% completion on your favorite game titles. Maybe you get lost in a side quest or are ready for New Game +. Whatever your play style, be sure to bring home these gaming icons for a winning combo in your collection.