Rare Finds: Limited Edition Star Wars Jewelry

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Fine Jewelry for Force-Wielders

Whether you always wanted Chewbacca to get his own celebratory medal or you have an appreciation for the finer parts of bounty hunter armor, flair has always been a part of the Star Wars universe. With so many exciting symbols, materials, and icons throughout the galaxy, it’s only natural fans would want to bring a piece of the adventure home for themselves.

RockLove Jewelry expertly recreates fan-favorite designs, creatures, and characters from the beloved sci-fi saga in sculpted sterling silver with detailed accents like antiquing, yellow gold plating, enamel elements, and more. No need to take a trip to the Outer Rim™ to find these treasures — all of these limited edition pieces are ready to ship from Sideshow now. Explore earrings, pendants, and rings you can wear to show off your Star Wars fandom!

New Republic Credit (Yellow Gold) Necklace by RockLove

Your credits are good here!

You don’t need a chain code to pass through the galaxy when New Republic Credits will do the trick! This solid artisan brass pendant is plated in 14k yellow gold and antiqued to make the sculpted details pop. Featuring the New Republic symbol on one side and Rebel symbols with Aurebesh™ writing on the reverse side, this is one way to keep the spark of hope close to your heart. The hinged pendant frame even opens so you can remove the credit coin, based on actual props from The Mandalorian season 2. Money makes the galaxy go ’round!

The Child Earrings by RockLove

A clan of two, just for you!

This adorable alien will have you seeing double — and it’s not just thanks to Grogu’s immense strength in using the Force. This pair of earrings are carved out of sterling silver, with all the precious details of everyone’s favorite asset in the galaxy. Comfortable and lightweight, The Child earrings are also antiqued and finished with glossy black enamel eyes to capture the iconic character’s sweetest features. Display the jewelry in the silkscreen collector’s box or carry him with you wherever you go using the nickel-free french hook ear wires. No hover pram needed.

Mandalorian Beskar Pendant Necklace by RockLove

For the bounty hunter who has everything.

Like true precious beskar™, this stylish Star Wars pendant is a unique galactic treasure — created with twisted, layered steel, every pendant in this limited edition release features a different pattern. Each pendant is also stamped with the Imperial sigil and engraved with the Mandalorian™ creed, “This is the way.” Easier than tracking down the most elusive bounties, secure your very own Mandalorian Beskar necklace and prove you’re a warrior not to be trifled with.

Ewok Earrings by RockLove

Yub nub!

This totally Wicket duo will protect you from invading stormtroopers™ or help you celebrate a wild party in the forest moons. Sculpted in solid sterling silver, RockLove’s Ewok™ earrings are lightweight enough to sneak through the tree canopies or be worn comfortably in everyday settings. Antiquing helps bring out all the adorable details of everyone’s favorite cuddly commando. Limited to a tribe of only 1000 units, these Ewoks are a must-have for rebels in need of a helping hand (or paw).

The Armorer Ring by RockLove

Forged for a warrior.

If you walk the Way of the Mandalore™, why not show your devotion to the rest of the world? The Armorer’s™ striking helmet design is available as a ring from RockLove, offered in multiple sizes for a wide range of warriors. The band reads, “This is the Way,” and the three-dimensional sterling silver sculpt is distressed and plated in antiqued yellow gold to honor this mysterious leader of the Mandalorians. Pay tribute to the legendary blacksmith with this comfortable Star Wars jewelry — on your hand like your very own armor, or displayed in the embossed collector’s box.

Feel the Force surrounding you when you accessorize with these high-end fandom jewelry pieces. Be sure to browse even more Star Wars collectibles and bring balance to the light and dark sides in your home.

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