Rare Finds: Modern Horror Icons and Figures

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Bringing Horror Home

Who doesn’t love a good scare? As the nights grow longer and a chill fills the air, sometimes it’s best just to get cozy at home and pop in one of your favorite horror films. The modern age of the genre has its own veritable pantheon of slashers and supernatural beings we love to fear (and some we just plain love against our better judgements!).

So build your spooky shrine, set out the candy offerings to appease the vengeful spirits, and pay tribute to these eerie icons of the silver scream.

Elvira Masterpiece Statue by Enesco

A tribute to the Mistress of the Dark…

Audacious, flirtatious, and undeniably curvaceous — who doesn’t love Elvira? She welcomed legions of fans into the world of the weird as the horror hostess of our bad dreams and screams. Oh, to be a bat on the hood of her Macabre-Mobile as she rolls down the creepy streets. Every inch of her is iconic, and when she’s on the television, this haunted house feels a bit more like a haunted home.

Kandarian Dagger Prop by Trick or Treat Studios

A real thorn in a Deadite’s side…

While no one is quite sure where this thing came from (or whose bones those are… ), one thing is for sure — if you’re in a pinch without your trusty boomstick, the Kandarian Dagger makes a good substitute. This thing is the bane of demons everywhere, including those pesky Deadites. This is an absolute must-have when packing for that secluded cabin getaway in the woods with your friends. Just watch where you’re pointing that thing!

Michael Myers Life-Size Bust by Hollywood Collectibles Group

“It was the boogeyman.”

They say Michael Myers has the devil’s eyes. We wouldn’t know for sure, because who has ever gotten that close to the mask and survived? The silent star of the silver screen, this hulking slasher always takes his time to terrify properly — no witty turn of phrase, no revving chainsaws, just pure menace. Dare to stare this Halloween season? Maybe looking at a pumpkin’s smile instead will put you more at ease.

Freddy Krueger Deluxe Glove Prop (Freddy’s Revenge) by Trick or Treat Studios

“Go ahead, Jesse. Try it on for size!”

Scissorhands has nothing on this guy! If you need a helping hand setting up for Halloween this year, one famous killer has gloves to spare. No, you’re not dreaming — Freddy Krueger has been known to cross from the nightmare realm to the real world from time to time. Pull an all-nighter with scary movies at your Halloween party and you won’t have to worry about getting haunted in your sleep.

Gizmo Hand Puppet Prop by Trick or Treat Studios

Just don’t get him wet…

Looking for a low maintenance, adorable pet that’s fun for the whole family? We hear mogwai are hypoallergenic! Although Gizmo is undeniably cute and cuddly, you’ll want to make sure you’re following all the rules of responsible ownership or you might have a mess on your hands. Pest control isn’t quite sure what to do with these guys, so keep the fridge closed and hide your Halloween candy before bed if you bring home this friendly little fellow.

High-end horror collectibles are just the right blend of eek! and chic. Whether you love tricks or treats, there is no shortage of scares to be had in your home…