The 10 Most Relatable Quotes from The Avengers

Avengers — they’re just like us! Even Earth’s mightiest heroes have their moments of doubt, awkwardness, and hunger. If you’ve ever seen a caped figure flash across the sky or leap from one rooftop to the next, you might’ve thought to yourself, “I could never be quite that super!”

Well, as it turns out, you might be closer than you think. Here’s an assembly of MCU quotes from Marvel’s signature squad that shows the Avengers at their most relatable.

“There’s a shawarma joint about two blocks from here. I don’t know what it is but I wanna try it.”

– Tony Stark (The Avengers)

Before he was the time-traveling, Titan-battling Iron Man of Avengers: Endgame, Tony Stark was a man on a mission … for shawarma. At the end of the first Avengers film, Tony leads the new team to a shawarma spot. There, they refuel after a tough battle against Loki and the Chitauri.

With their super physiques, you might think heroes like the Avengers only subsist on green juice and lean protein. However, sometimes, the only acceptable choice after a hard battle is some greasy, delicious comfort food.

“This drink, I like it! Another!”

– Thor (Thor)

While most of us probably can’t relate to coming from a mythological space realm, this scene from Thor’s first film does ring true. How many times has the perfect beverage really hit the spot and you can’t help but order another?

Of course, the polite thing to do is not bellow that order for the whole diner to hear after smashing your cup on the ground. Baby steps, Thor. Baby steps.

“They’re Hulk fans. They don’t know Ant-Man. Nobody does.”

– Scott Lang (Endgame)

Another diner scene brings us this exchange between Scott Lang and some young (sorta) fans. After snapping a pic with the kids and their favorite hero, the Hulk, Scott offers them a photo with himself as well. He, is after all, Ant-Man.

But the kids haven’t heard of this super hero and they struggle to find a nice way to decline Scott’s offer. The whole scene is the equivalent of going for a high five only for the other person to completely ignore your empty hand. Tough break, Scott — better stick to hanging with your ant buddies.


– Bruce Banner / Hulk (Endgame)

Seconds later, in that same diner scene from Endgame, Bruce is riding a wave of energy from his fans. He’s reveling in this newfound popularity after so many years of hiding in the background as an uncontrollable force. These kids actually look up to him, and not Captain America! However, as they walk away, Bruce’s enthusiasm swerves into the danger zone.

We’ve all done it. We’ve all tried to use new slang or look cool with the latest dance trend. And sadly, this is where Bruce goes wrong when he hits a dab. C’mon, Hulk … dabs are so 2016.

“That is America’s ass.”

– Steve Rogers (Endgame)

Speaking of fans, Scott gives Steve Rogers a sincere, and unforgettable, compliment during the Time Heist. And just like the rest of us, even Steve needs the kind words of a friend from time to time. Tony tries to poke fun at Cap’s old costume but Scott, always the hype man, butters him up with some words of encouragement. Later, when Steve must use Loki’s scepter to subdue that timeline’s Captain America, he gets a chance to inspect the assets in question.

In possibly one of the most astounding moments of MCU history, Steve looks back at it and says to himself, “That is America’s ass.”

“Scott, I get emails from a raccoon. So … nothing sounds crazy anymore.”

– Natasha Romanoff (Endgame)

Sometimes reality is so ridiculous, the only thing left to do is sit back in disbelief. And that’s just what Natasha does when Scott proposes using a time machine to undo the Snap. Scott discounts his wild plan but Nat reassures him that if she can receive emails from Rocket, a talking raccoon, then time travel isn’t totally off the table.

Given the current state of the world, Black Widow’s response hits the mark. When everything gets to be too much, just sit back with a PB&J and have a good cry. We won’t judge, but the trash panda might.

“It’s probably just a case of the Mondays, amirite?”

– Wanda Maximoff (WandaVision)

Everybody has those days. You know the ones, when nothing seems to go right, everyone is asking too much, and your reality-altering illusions are going haywire. Maybe that last part is just specific to Wanda, AKA Scarlet Witch, but we can all appreciate the sentiment.

It looks like even super heroes can’t always defeat a case of the Mondays.

“More cookie please, thank you.”

– Clint Barton (Hawkeye)

In the TV series Hawkeye, the titular hero’s on-screen version finally starts to match up with the comics. On the page, and now on screen, Hawkeye is hard of hearing and he practices sign language with his youngest son.

When he’s confronted by Maya, a deaf vigilante out for revenge, Clint struggles to form a response to her question. Instead, he asks for more cookies. Anyone who has had to fake it til they make it in a stressful situation can understand Clint’s desperate plea for dessert.

“This is awkward.”

– Sam Wilson (Avengers: Infinity War)

When your workplace is filled with androids, recovering rage monsters, and deadly assassins, there’s bound to be some weird moments. Especially when you throw unspoken, questionably written romances into the mix. It’s a recipe for awkward.

Luckily, we have Sam Wilson, AKA Falcon, to point out when things are too awkward to handle. Case in point: The hesitant hellos shared by Bruce and Nat. Just gonna stand in the corner with Sam, Wanda, and Vis while the moment passes.

“I’m doin’ it!”

– Vision (WandaVision)

A little bit of liquid courage can really go a long way. While Vision hasn’t been partaking in any spirits during the “Don’t Touch That Dial” episode of WandaVision, the gum in his cogs certainly has the same effect. Suddenly we see a new side to Vision, one that’s entertaining until it borders on the dangerous.

It’s not uncommon to have a night out and find yourself putting on a show for friends as they cheer you on — just have to watch out for when it’s time to pull the curtains. Too bad we can’t all have a delightful laugh track to give our antics that humorous filter.

“Oh, you’re using our made-up names.”

– Peter Parker (Infinity War)

Some of us deal with stress by making lists or freaking out. Others take charge and delegate. But there are some people who use humor to cope with danger, and that’s when Peter comes in.

Hurtling through space aboard a mysterious alien wheel, Peter tries to introduce himself to Doctor Strange but the Master of the Mystic Arts doesn’t use his first name. Peter’s a bit surprised and makes the above joke, which doesn’t earn him any points with the adults. It’s okay, Spidey, we laughed.

From workplace weirdness to insatiable cravings, Avengers are just like us — at least, when they’re not saving the world. Outside of battles and intergalactic adventuring, a super hero really does do normal stuff. Time travel is totally normal, right?

Have you dabbed like Hulk or received a raccoon email? Which relatable moment from the MCU films and TV series is your favorite? Let us know in the comments and don’t forget to Let Your Geek Sideshow!