Retro [email protected] for Nostalgic Medicom Toy Collectors

Calling all designer toy collectors! If you love cuddly animals, but prefer high-quality plastic figures, [email protected] are the perfect solution. These adorable collectibles come in a unique shape and all sorts of sizes. Plus, [email protected] can help you celebrate every fandom, from your earliest love to your newest hyperfixation.

Today we’re looking at those classic faves. So, if you’re ready for some art-heavy nostalgia, join us below for a curated list of retro [email protected] by Medicom Toy!

Keith Haring #8

What’s black, white, and red all over? This Keith Haring #8 [email protected]! Giving you something to dance about, this collectible set is a timeless tribute to an iconic artist. Display it alongside other designer toys, or even with art prints, for a museum-like vibe in your very own home.

Jean Michel-Basquiat #8

This collectible is king! The Jean Michel-Basquiat #8 [email protected] is awash in gold, black, and white. Featuring the art style of Basquiat himself, having this set in your home is a great way to display your love for both Neo-Expressionist and modern art.


Who you gonna call? These ghost-bustin’ cuties! The Ghostbusters [email protected] come in two packs of two: Raymond Stanz and Egon Spengler, and Peter Venkman and Winston Zeddemore. Complete your team when you collect all four figures.

Jurassic Park

Love theme parks? Love dinosaurs? Well, have we got the toy for you. The [email protected] Jurassic Park Set is like a sign to keep collecting your favorite fandom. You won’t be able to delay. ‘Cause your favorite collectibles always, uh, find a way to get to your shelf.

Tom Flocky

Classic cartoons never looked so collectible. The Tom Flocky [email protected] Set is giving mischief, charm, and wonderful whiskers. And it’s actually fuzzy! Give your entertainment shelf something to laugh about when you set Tom upon it.

Jerry Flocky

Well you can’t have Tom without Jerry! Fitting right into the [email protected] body’s round ears, the Jerry Flocky Set will make you grin — ahem, we mean cheese — as wide as mister mouse himself.

Pac-Man x Grafflex

Game over? More like the collecting game has just started. Get retro video game style mixed with graphic art with the Pac-Man x Grafflex [email protected] Set. It will simply melt your 8-bit heart!

The Simpsons Radioactive Man

Comedy lovers, the [email protected] Radioactive Man Set is calling your name. The eye-catching and heart-popping colors, the doubly dramatic expression, it’s all quintessentially The Simpsons. So what are you waiting for? Go get ’em, scouts!

Betty Boop

She puts the “art” in hearts! The [email protected] Betty Boop is a beautiful blend of Medicom’s style and Betty’s flirtatious flair. Your cartoon collection can’t be complete without her and her tiny companion.

Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe #2

Andy Warhol prints, Marilyn Monroe’s vibrant looks, and a [email protected] body? Sign us up! The Andy Warhol’s Marily Monroe #2 Set is practically perfect — and perfectly pink — in every way. She’ll fit in alongside art, Barbies, Bratz and/or, you guessed it, rows of many more fabulous [email protected]

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