Richter Boys Review – Hot Toys Batman Armory with Bruce Wayne and Alfred Pennyworth

All photos by Shawn Richter/COF photo

When a Hot Toys box arrives and it’s equipped with a built-in handle, you know you are in for something special. And BIG. The Hot Toys Batman Armory from the Dark Knight is all of that and a bag of chips. A word of warning: When this piece arrives, set aside a good 2-3 hours to take it all out… and take it all in. You are going to need it.

Finally, Batman collectors have a chance to own legitimate figures of Bruce and Alfred. But before we dive into the details of this piece I need to point out one thing you may have missed: THIS SET COMES WITH THREE COMPLETE FIGURES.

Wait, what? You thought it was Bruce, Alfred and a ridiculously detailed armory where you can hang up a Batsuit? Well friends, that suit is basically a full on DX12 Batman figure! I was totally surprised too. Those of you who happened to miss the DX12 figure, which cost roughly $260 on its own, are in luck! In this set, you pretty much get everything that figure came with, except the EMP gun. The head has PERS (moveable eyes) and four interchangeable mouth pieces. We even took a picture of this Batman next to the previously released DX12. Can you tell the difference?


Awesome right? Plus this time, you have about a million (slight exaggeration) options for weapons and utility belt devices. Gavin’s favorite parts of the suit were the belt and the gauntlets. Gavin joked in his best Joker and Batman voices, “You wanna know how I got these scars? No, but I know how you got these!”


Bruce Wayne and Alfred Pennyworth

Bruce and Alfred are amazing figures, and once again the sculptors at Hot Toys nailed the likeness of Christian Bale and Michael Caine. They have perfectly tailored suits, and the set comes with extra hands (both fleshy for Bruce/Alfred and gloved for Bats).

The Armory

The meat of the set, of course, is the armory, and it is glorious. Did I mention this thing is big? I mean like so big, my 9-year-old can barely see over the box! Gavin is familiar with the size of a typical Hot Toys box, so soon as he came home and saw it he exclaimed, “HO…LEE…BLEEP”. (Again, he’s nine, so he actually said the word “BLEEP”)

It took us a good deal of time to put all of the gadgets into the armory and attempt to figure out what they all were (they all come packaged separately in multiple trays, as Batman himself will now show you below).


We’ve got sticky bomb guns galore, timed bombs, batarangs, nunchucks (NUNCHUCKS?? How come we never got to see Batman use nunchucks? Even Alfred wants in on the nunchucks), grappling hook, gas/smoke cannisters, three utility belts and some extras that we weren’t even sure about… SO MUCH STUFF!!

We both liked how the armory opened from both the front and the back for easy access and it’s extremely cool how the drawers in the front rotate outward. To display the Batsuit, just remove the magnetized Batman head and neck, and replace it with a second neck and the cowl. Open the back doors, and slip the figure up so that the two downrods fit right into the two holes in the shoulders where the cape would normally go. Easy peasy! And the armory looks sooooo cool with the Batsuit inside!

Then there are the lights. A switch inside allows you to turn the lights on, off, or you can set it to “remote” so that the remote controls the lights. Because did I mention it comes with a remote control?! Yes, yes it does. Naturally, Gavin had to get his hands on that feature right away. At night it’s as if you’re actually IN the Batcave.

After all is said and done, this set is simply a must-have for every Batman collector. It will look beautiful on your shelf (especially at night with the lights on).

Until next time,
Shawn and Gavin

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