Richter Boys Review Hot Toys Captain America: Winter Soldier Figures Pt 2 – Falcon

All photos by Shawn Richter/COF photo

For Gavin and I, and possibly other diehard Marvel fans out there, The Avengers, Captain America: Winter Soldier and Guardians of the Galaxy are the three best movies to date in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Being huge Cap fans, we’d probably put Winter Soldier just barely behind Avengers in that list.

While there have been a number of awesome Captain America figures over the years from Hot Toys, the second Captain America movie introduced a couple of really cool new characters which in turn were made into 1/6 scale figures. We recently reviewed the Hot Toys Winter Soldier figure and Captain America/Steve Rogers figures two pack, and now today we will check out a brand new Hot Toys Falcon Sixth Scale Figure that we’ve just added to our collection.

First off, let me just say we were super excited to finally see this figure up close!

Let’s start with the main attraction – the wings! They appear to be to scale with the movie, by which we mean they are massive! There is a lot of detail on both sides of them, and they really make this figure stand out in a crowd. Predominantly different shades of grey, there are some cool red details on the back that we didn’t even realize were there in the movie. The lighter areas of the wings are somewhat transparent, so when the figure is backlit, the light shines right through them which looks really cool.

If you remember in the movie, Sam Wilson’s backpack had a propulsion system that helped him fly, and the wings were able to fully retract into his jetpack. Of course that’s not possible with the figure, but the wings can be put in two positions: fully extended (flight mode) and partially retracted (non-flight mode), or they are also are removable if you choose to display him without them.

The wings easily pop out of the jetpack and are replaced with little filler pieces that make the jetpack look complete. I’m really not sure why you would want to display him without his trademark wings, but I certainly like to have options! Another cool feature is that the jetpack actually lights up!

The figure comes with several hands including fists, trigger hands for holding his two Steyr SPP submachine guns and gripping hands for holding onto his wings while flying. Like the wings, the guns do not retract like in the movie (again pretty much impossible). But the figure does come with an extra pair of wristbands, which the guns can attach to (again, more display options).

Gavin was a fan of the red goggles as they are fairly reflective and the red really stands out on the figure. They are removable so you can display him with the googles on, off, or up on his forehead. He also liked the tough expression on his face – Falcon definitely means business!

Falcon’s uniform is full of cool little details, and Gavin loved the look of his boots, which are beefier than normal ones. He wondered if the additional size wasn’t some sort of landing-assist feature? Could be! There are lots of harnesses, buckles and straps that really dress him up, and an American flag on his left thigh.

We agreed that the base for this figure was just amazing. The design looks like the deck of the Helicarrier, and there is a huge yellow S.H.I.E.L.D. symbol on it. The dynamic stand, combined with the huge wingspan will totally make this figure soar above your collection.

The Hot Toys Falcon figure looks simply amazing next to the S.T.R.I.K.E. suit Captain America and Winter Soldier. Any Marvel collector would be thrilled to own all three. I know we are.

Until next time,
Shawn and Gavin

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