Richter Boys Review – Hot Toys Superman, Jor-El, and General Zod

All photos by Shawn Richter/COF photo

In 2013, Man of Steel finally brought Superman back to the big screen, with a fantastic origin story about Kal-El and his life growing up here on Earth. Henry Cavill, Russell Crowe and Michael Shannon did a wonderful job portraying the three main characters Kal-El, Jor-El and General Zod. And who could forget the climactic battle between Superman and Zod at the end of the film?

Today we’ll take a look at three Hot Toys figures from the Man of Steel movie – Kal El, Jor El and Zod. All three figures are are perfect miniature replicas of the actors who portrayed brought the characters to life on the big screen. Additionally, each comes with very nice, large decorative bases that really add to the beauty of the figures. Ok, here we go…

Kal El

Starting of course with the hero of the film, what the Kal-El figure lacks in the way of accessories he more than makes up for in detail. (Besides, who needs accessories when you have super strength, laser vision, ice cold breath, and can fly?)

I thought the gauntlets were a nice touch and were a great way of finishing off the sleeves at the hands, and hiding those unsightly wrist pegs that are visible on some figures. Gavin is really fond of the pattern on the suit, having never noticed all of the black and yellow lines and details around the sides and back of it before.

But my favorite part of the Superman figure is the big base with the “not an S” symbol on it, because it enables you to pose him as he is meant to be – in a flying position. Plus the silver nameplate on the base is a nice touch and stands out well against the dark colors on the rest of the base.


Jor-El comes dressed in the armored robe that he wore in the movie, and the details on the armor and the stitching on the robe is beautiful. What neither of us realized until we looked more closely at the figure is that Jor-El also has an all blue suit under his robe and armor that looks very similar to Kal-El’s blue suit. The blue is visible only on the arms a little, and if you lift up the robe to see it underneath.

Naturally Gavin’s favorite part of the Jor El figure was the big gun that comes with it. He felt that the weapon looked like it was made part from metal, and part for either rock or bone. Whatever the material may be, it has a ton of cool markings that lend a neat vibe to the gun as well.

My favorite feature on Jor-El was the emblem on his chest. Very similar to Kal-El’s, but with a lot more detailing added over and around it. Jor-El looks like he’s either about to sit in on a political meeting in his elaborate robes, or go to war, with the armor and rifle.

General Zod

Saving the best for last, we both agreed that General Zod is the coolest figure of the three. Gavin picked it up and immediately commented on how much heavier it was compared to a typical Hot Toys figure. Zod’s most attractive feature is by far his armor. It is big, beautiful and very detailed, covering nearly all of his entire body.

Zod’s cape is soft and jagged along the edge, and its black color looks fantastic against the dark greys of the armored suit. The villain comes with two interchangeable heads, one is a grimacing, bloody head and the other is his big helmet.

With his helmet on Gavin felt he looked more like a robot than a person, commenting that he looked like something out of a Terminator movie. Gavin said that the expression on Zod’s face made him look “spooky and crazy” (and I have to agree, that assessment is pretty accurate).

Final Thoughts

All three of these figures really look beautiful next to each other, and I am very glad to have them as a part of my collection.

Now with the new Dawn of Justice trailer dropping, and a debut time of less than a year away we will finally get to see Batman AND Superman on the big screen together, to be followed of course by the Justice League. I’m super stoked to check out the new Batsuits, and finally see Batman battle Superman…

Until next time!
Shawn and Gavin

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