Rise of the Rebel Terminator- How Sideshow’s Rebel Terminator Mythos Premium Format Figure Came to Life

A war is raging between what’s left of the human race and Skynet. Both sides eagerly search for any advantage… The Rebel Terminator is born.”

As a collection, Sideshow’s Mythos series captures the limitless possibility of fan-favorite franchises by emphasizing core themes and introducing unique story details to popular fictional universes. The Rebel Terminator, now available for in-stock order, is an exciting figure whose story blends seamlessly into the mythology of the Terminator franchise, personifying the spirit of technology and resistance to spark the imagination of fans everywhere.

We had a chance to talk to the Kucharek Brothers, the artists behind the concept art and sculpt for the Rebel Terminator- Mythos Premium Format™ Figure, about bringing this exciting new character to life through Sideshow’s Mythos collection, balancing the human with the machine, and more…

How did you flesh out (pun intended) the design for this character?

KB: We love the idea of a female Terminator that looks like she has been to hell and back and shows no signs of slowing down!  We asked ourselves, “What would this character look like in a movie?” and she evolved from there.

Were you given specific concept or description of the Rebel Terminator before beginning?

KB: Sideshow had a few different ideas for the concept of a female Terminator, but there wasn’t anything concrete.  When we came on board, we were told to add our own ideas and go for it!

How do you balance her exposed metal elements with the overall humanoid design?

KB: The balance was incredibly important to the character- we definitely wanted the human part of her to outweigh anything else… in the end, it’s her humanity more than her programming that makes her who she is.

Was it tempting to make her even more robotic looking?

KB: Yes!  The endoskeleton is such an amazing design, you hate to cover it up!

How does the design tie in the classic Terminator elements while also being a new type of character?

KB: The Rebel Terminator’s endoskeleton is a female model of the T-800 endoskeleton, so we have a huge classic influence right there.  To that, we added a never-before-seen character design and created our new take on the classic Terminator idea.

Do you have any favorite details in the design?

KB: Our favorite detail is that she has her hair slightly covering the exposed endo-skull on her face, as a nod to the fact that she prizes humanity over anything else.

Check out these behind the scenes photos from the creation of the Rebel Terminator figure prototype below!

You can add the Rebel Terminator- Mythos Premium Format™ Figure to your collection today!  Prepare yourself for the inevitable rise of Skynet and check out Sideshow’s full offering of Terminator collectibles.