San Diego Comic-Con 2017 Survival Guide Part 3- Keeping Updated on News

Part 3: So You Couldn’t Get In…Now What?

You tried and tried, but you just weren’t able to get that San Diego Comic Con badge. We get it, those online queues are brutal, and sometimes the cards just don’t play out in your favor. But don’t feel too bad, because there are a few ways you can vicariously experience the cool factor of San Diego without the travel, hassle, or crowd anxiety!

1) Livestreams

More and more, you can find Livestreams of the show on the internet. Whether it be from fans just walking around or a pop-culture website filming those hard to get in to panels, you should be able to find real-time video of the convention without too much effort. And that’s not all!

Sideshow will also be broadcasting our own streams daily to show off our amazing booth, make special announcements, and have convention giveaways. If you want a closer look at some of the cool new collectibles we announced this month, click on over during the show and check them out!

2) Social Media

You have the internet at your fingertips, and as such you can never be too far from the latest pop-culture news and announcements. This is especially true during SDCC, as Facebook and Twitter will light up with excitement whenever something is announced. For those panels where video and photography are forbidden, you will still be able to find people live-blogging the event, bringing you the latest news as it happens.



You can also find a list of event times on the SDCC website, so you know exactly when panels that will drop big news are scheduled. Make sure you also subscribe to the Sideshow Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, as we will do our best to keep you posted on the latest and greatest announcements!

3) Online Stores

One of the biggest drawbacks of not going to Comic Con is missing out on all the exclusive items you can only get there. Or can you? Recently, many companies have been making their SDCC exclusive items available for a limited time via the web before or after the convention.

For example, Sideshow sold three exclusive items on our website prior to the convention, and made each available to be shipped for a limited time (Kudos to those of you with quick trigger fingers on that refresh button). And while our exclusive Artist Proof prints are only available at the convention, you can still purchase some of the original framed versions directly on our website!

Comic Con can be a beast, but just because you’re not physically there, that doesn’t mean you need to miss out! The steps above are just a few of the ways that might help you overcome those SDCC blues. Remember, there is always next year!

And of course, there is Sideshow’s Online Comic-Con, going on right now! Head on over here to check out all the cool stuff we have already announced this year, and be prepared because there is much more to come!

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