Sculpting a Sentinel- Behind the Scenes of Sideshow’s X-Men Collection

To break a Sentinel, first you have to make a Sentinel.

As a part of Sideshow’s X-Men Collection, artist and sculptor Marco Plouffe was tasked with creating an epic Sentinel design that was then transformed, sliced, smashed, and mutilated by a number of mutants as a part of an incredible battle scene.

These highly-detailed digital sculpts were utilized to create the exciting battleground bases for the Wolverine Premium Format™ Figure, the X-23 Premium Format™ Figure, and the Magneto Maquette, assembling into one powerful proximity display featuring the wreckage of their Sentinel foe.

Get a closer look at how the face and hands of this mutant-killing machine were made thanks to these incredible renders from Marco Plouffe! (Images do not represent final product.)

The Sentinel’s head forms the base for the Magneto Maquette, as the mutant master of magnetism manipulates the mangled metal machine into submission.

Wolverine and his daughter Laura Kinney take the left and right Sentinel hands as their adamantium claws make quick work of the mutant-killer’s mechanical mitts.

On the statues, you can see the additional exposed mechanical elements where the Sentinel has been sliced apart. Check out the intricate detail!

Thanks again to Marco Plouffe for sharing these in-depth, highly-detailed images of his Sentinel sculpt!  It’s always X-citing to see more of the process on how these awesome superhero statues come to life.

You can add Wolverine, Magneto, X-23, and more to your universe of Marvel collectibles today!  Be sure to browse the full X-Men Collection as well as Sideshow’s entire offering of X-Men, Avengers figures, Guardians of the Galaxy, and more.

Looking for more cool content about these marvelous mutants? Take an inside look at the making of the X-Men Collection in this behind the scenes video below!