Sculptor Lawrence Noble and the Guidance of Yoda

To some, Jedi Master Yoda isn’t just a fictional character. In the hearts of countless Star Wars fans, including acclaimed sculptor Lawrence Noble, Yoda is real. A guiding force of peace and change that has impacted more than just the lives of padawans.

Noble Studio sculpted Sideshow’s upcoming Yoda™ Bronze Life-Size Statue, capturing the 31″ tall Dagobah resident like no other. In fact, Lawrence Noble’s very first sculpture ever was of Yoda himself. In his interview with the Academy of Art University, Noble explained his sculptural origins.

I was an illustrator and I didn’t know where I was going. I needed a push. Yoda was that push. I was invited to work on the Empire Strikes Back developing ad concepts, and I did that. [When I went to see the film] nobody had seen Yoda, yet.

I was so moved [by Yoda] that I went out that day and I bought clay and I bought tools and I said ‘I’m going to sculpt.’ He’s the reason I’m a sculptor. He completely changed my life.

Yoda was a meaningful part of his life, and reminded Lawrence Noble of his father. He played a role as mentor, friend, and artistic inspiration. Noble talked about how Yoda stands for inner joy, inner peace, and substance.

Star Wars has weaved its way into our environment, and into our culture, like The Force.

You can watch the full interview below, which features Noble’s original Yoda sculpture turned into a fountain specifically designed for the Lucasfilm campus.

Yoda, thanks for making my life so enjoyable,” Noble states. All of the Star Wars fans at Sideshow wholeheartedly agree. Yoda has been a Force of inspiration for so many artists and we cannot imagine where we would be without him!

Sideshow and Sculptor Lawrence Noble present the Yoda™ Bronze Life-Size Statue! This Star Wars themed collector piece will be available for pre-order in the near future. Be sure to RSVP if you haven’t already!