Sculptor Paul Komoda Wins Spectrum Silver Award for Swamp Thing Maquette

Recently, Spectrum Fantastic Art announced the Gold and Silver awards for Spectrum 26, their latest publication showcasing the best in contemporary fantastic art.

Sculptor Paul Komoda, nominated in the Dimensional Art category for his work intricately hand-sculpting Sideshow’s Swamp Thing Maquette, won the Silver Award in the category at the Spectrum 26 ceremony.

Paul Komoda’s incredible achievement will also be celebrated in the publication of Spectrum 26, which includes many notable artists and friends of Sideshow such as Olivia De Berardinis, Mark Newman, and more.

On the creation of this immensely detailed maquette, Komoda explained, “This is my homage to the what the artists Stephen Bissette and John Totleben had created for the Alan Moore run on the series.  I love their particular take on the character, and I hadn’t seen it done ever before sculpturally.  I felt it was my duty to manifest it in this particular form.”

Congratulations to Paul Komoda on this amazing artistic recognition for bringing this iconic DC Comics character to life!

For more of Komoda’s sculpture process on the Swamp Thing Maquette, check out our detailed Behind the Vines look from when this piece made its debut at San Diego Comic Con.  Be sure to watch this special inside look at the making of the maquette as well.

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