Marvel Teams That She-Hulk Has Been Part Of

Since her debut in the 1980s, She-Hulk has teamed up with myriad Marvel super heroes. Her strength, intelligence, and fun personality are all perfect traits for a team dynamic. Thus Marvel comics fans can’t get enough of the Jade Giantess crossing over with their other favorite characters.

So where has She-Hulk been, what has she done, and who has she fought bad guys with? Well, come find out! Below, we’re exploring Jennifer Walters’ history with the Avengers, A-Force, and plenty more groups of do-gooders.


Roster: Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Wasp, and Hawkeye

Major Storyline: In Avengers #221, the team is down to only four members so they need to replenish their ranks. Tony, Steve, and Thor all readily except Hawkeye into the team after reviewing his application. They also invite Spider-Man to join them, though he declines. Janet, on the other hand, wants to add more female members to the Avengers.

Wasp holds a luncheon, inviting She-Hulk and Black Widow, among others. During this gathering, She-Hulk accepts a place on the Avengers. She joins the team a few days later. Most of the subsequent issues revolve around the team fighting villains such as Taskmaster as well as figuring out their new team dynamics — almost like a slice of life story with interspersed action!

Fantastic Four

Roster: Invisible Woman, Human Torch, and Mr. Fantastic

Major Storyline: After operating solo for some time, and having a brief amnesia storyline, She-Hulk is ready to get back into action with new friends. Lucky for her, the Fantastic Four have also suffered some hard times, including The Thing’s exit from their team. Actually, Ben and Jen even have some romantic history. So she’s already on the FF’s radar — and she replaces The Thing as the team’s strongest member!

Key developments during this era include a Skrull invasion and the reveal that Nathaniel Richards is Kang the Conquerer’s father. In this series, Reed Richards and Doctor Doom are both “killed” by Kang and Hyperstorm, but don’t worry! The two Fantastic Four characters are revived a couple years later. Additionally, Jen is exposed to radiation that prevents her from shifting back to human form. Thus begins Shulkie’s journey to self-discovery and acceptance in Hulk form.

Heroes For Hire

Roster: Iron Fist, Power Man (Luke Cage), Black Knight, White Tiger, Hercules, Ant-Man, and sometimes Deadpool

Major Storyline: The Heroes for Hire disband their current roster, and Iron Fist looks for a new group. Of course, his BFF Luke Cage is his right-hand man during the process. With the new lineup secured, Power Man and Iron Fist also hire a lawyer. She-Hulk therefore provides legal advice and some butt-kicking whenever necessary. She and Luke also date for a bit.

During the 19-issue run, the team fights pirates, calls on Shang-Chi, and follows orders from the FBI. In the end, the Heroes for Hire are disbanded by the government because they have too many ex-cons working with them. They all part ways, agreeing to remain friends and crimefight on their own time.


Roster: Nico Minoru, Captain Marvel, Dazzler, and Medusa

Major Storyline: Jen happily joins an all-female team during Secret Wars. The A-Force members are tasked with defending the Battleworld nation Arcadia. Soon they realize there’s a traitor among them who helps antagonists infiltrate Arcadia. Shulkie leads an investigation into the Sentinel Territories.

In the territories, she discovers a portal of Asgardian origin. She puts together a few more clues to figure out that the traitor is Lady Loki. Unfortunately, Loki has also brought a zombie horde into New York City. Not fun! Of course, our heroes eventually save Arcadia from Loki’s wily ways.


Roster: Nighthawk, Blazing Skull, and Colossus

Major Storyline: Following the Super-Human Registration Act from Civil War, Nighthawk asks Iron Man to help him build a new Defenders team. They are assigned to New Jersey. Most of the 6-issue series is spent trying to lock down the ever-rotating, constantly frustrating, and pretty incompetent roster.

There’s time travel. There’s infighting. And there’s character cameos galore. In the end, they all disband because they don’t mesh well — oops!

Fantastic Force

Roster: Psi-Lord (Franklin Richards), Vibraxas, Devior, Human Torch, Huntara, and unofficially Black Panther

Major Storyline: Like most Fantastic Four comics, Fantastic Force balances heroic activities with family dynamics. The team itself is made up of heroes trying to find their groove as both supes and people. Society is unkind. Their team is there when it gets too rough. She-Hulk’s boisterous and fun-loving personality helps a lot — once she replaces Huntara, that is.

She-Hulk defends Vibraxas in a legal trial. She also aides in the Fantastic Force’s fight against Onslaught. They all part ways after they win against this final foe.

S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Hulkbusters

Roster: Agent Clay Quartermain, Agent Cheesecake, and Agent Crimson

Major Storyline: Hulk is exiled from the Illuminati organization. Without this hero to keep them under control, his rogues gallery runs wild. The Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. put together a team called the Hulkbusters to fight Hulk’s bad guys. Not only do they battle them, though, but they implant them with nanotech to nullify their powers.

Jen goes through a lot of villains, including the Abomination. She also takes some time to self-reflect about her personality during this era. Feeling like She-Hulk and Jen are somewhat separate identities, she seeks to reconcile them — as well as the relationships she’s formed, broken, or found.

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