Port Congestion Causes Shipping Delays

Pacific Rim clip courtesy Warner Bros. Entertainment and Legendary Pictures.

Sideshow fans,

We wanted you to be aware that serious, ongoing congestion at one of the nation’s busiest ports in Long Beach, California, has caused delays for many of our expected product shipments. Currently, Sideshow has more than twelve containers, holding thousands of products, stuck at the port.

LA Times reported on the situation, “The slowdown in the West Coast ports has been a much bigger deal than people think. The months-long bottleneck is hurting retailers and other businesses that aren’t getting their shipments on time as massive ships from Asia anchor off the Los Angeles coastline waiting for the docks to clear. The ports are taking a variety of steps to ease the logistical nightmare they blame on the increased use of massive container ships, a surge in cargo as the economy improves and a shortage of the trailers that truckers use to haul goods from the ports.”

We apologize for any inconvenience the delays may cause, and appreciate your patience as we wait for the port to expedite container shipments. We hope to receive more containers within the next few weeks and will ship orders as soon as they arrive. If you have orders with us that are affected by these delays, we will continue to keep you updated by email with the latest information about your items.

USA Today posted a video with more information about the Long Beach port delays, included below: