Sideshow brings out the dead at Monsterpalooza!

Sideshow brought some of our most blood-curdling creations to MONSTERPALOOZA in Pasadena this weekend! We take great pride in our huge range of high-end collectibles, which span licenses from Marvel, DC Comics, Star Wars Collectibles and more, but Sideshow’s roots have always been soaked in blood!

From our early Bernie Wrightson inspired creations, to our original horror/fantasy property Court of the Dead, we’ve always embraced the macabre side of the collectible world. You could say that horror is in our veins!

The Sideshow family are regular attendees at Monsterpalooza, and LA’s creepiest con is the perfect place for us to share our more monstrous maquettes and cadaverous creations! We not only showcased our Premium Format and 1:6 scale interpretations of beloved monster movie and cult classic character like Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, Leatherface, Ash Williams and Jack Burton, but we also took the opportunity to bring a piece of the Underworld to Pasadena, with a whole host of horrors from our Court of the Dead®!

Fan favorites like Xiall and Shard rubbed shoulders with the ghoulishly gleeful Malavestros. The second interpretation of our eerily beautiful Gethsemoni was also on display for the first time!