“[Sideshow Collectibles is] Disneyland for the decidedly different and the wonderfully weird” – NerdBastards

Review by Luke Gallagher

Unlike most coffee table books – that either sit and collect dust or are used as permanent wedge for chair or TV stand – the Inside the Sideshow Studio book is, to quote Alice in Wonderland, “curiouser and curiouser.”  It captures more than your eye, it touches your creative spirit.

This is an illustrated window into the belly of the beast. An at-a-glance view into the work-scape and colorful rooms not many get to see. It’s quiet hours, and they’ve let us walk behind the velvet rope.

The book provides readers with a visual tour through the inventive studio that has created some of the most complex, realistic figures from pop culture.

The lengthy production process that the creators go through is unlike any other company, and this book explains each department in detail, from sculpting to shipping, through stunning glossy photos and insider quotes from the staff.

It all ties together to show the wonderful world of whimsy (and the macabre), imagination, and hard work that happens within the walls of the Sideshow Studio.

It is a feast for the eyes. One look at the work-shop’s decorative hallways and your first and second reaction is “Oh, wow, that’s so cool” and “I want to go there!” This is Disneyland for the decidedly different and the wonderfully weird.

So the book sheds a light and gives credit to the team of dreamers and magic makers that make such detailed, hyper-realistic, and true to form collectibles. But it also has an underlying message. That message being that creativity begets creativity. Not many companies allow or encourage their team members to exercise their creative license on their actual work space. Sideshow not only allows it, they encourage it.

I, for one, think that’s beautiful. Without our dreams, without imagination, without heart, without freedom of expression we would be nothing. Given that that’s what geek-culture is all about, it’s nice to see that people who make the things we love so much are geeks and nerds onto themselves. It’s perpetuating a culture of cool and companies like Sideshow are what help keep it going.

Sideshow Collectibles is just as much a fun house as much as it is a mad house. If you’re a fan of anything Sideshow has ever done, then this book is a perfect companion piece.

I’m glad I got the opportunity to view this book. I feel further connected and so much more appreciative of the work and passion that goes into making such incredible works of art. I mean I had an idea that the Sideshow offices were cool, but I didn’t know it was like Willy Wonka’s Chocolate factory…

A must-have for fans and creatives, this beautifully illustrated book will not only grant a look at Sideshow that few have ever seen, but also inspires readers to push the limits of their talent and surround themselves with artistic spaces of their own.

If anything, it at least explains why some of their pieces cost so damn much.

Review courtesy NerdBastards.com

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