Sideshow Debuts Iron Maiden Limited Edition Statues

Sideshow presents the Iron Maiden: The Trooper Eddie Premium Format™ Figure, the premier collectible in Sideshow’s new, officially licensed series honoring the enduring heavy metal legacy of Iron Maiden.

Sideshow has announced this exciting creative partnership with Iron Maiden with a NEW VIDEO featuring The Trooper, as well as a preview of other projects to follow…

Iron Maiden: The Trooper Eddie Premium Format Figure

On this battlefield, no one wins

Inspired by the distinctive artwork from Iron Maiden’s 1983 single The Trooper, the Iron Maiden: The Trooper Eddie Premium Format Figure is an ultra-detailed and lovingly reproduced three-dimensional homage to one of the most iconic mascots in all of music.

Dressed in wartime regalia, Eddie clutches a bloodied saber in one hand and a tattered Union Jack in the other. He is depicted racing forward across a battlefield base littered with fallen comrades, a broken cannon wheel, and the promise of certain death.

A Closer Look at the Eddie PF

Eddie’s monstrous, fully sculpted form features realistic costume detailing and cadaverous paint application to bring the celebrated icon to life. Everything from his frayed soldier’s uniform to the splintered handle of his spear-tipped flag is brutally war-torn and covered in the dust kicked up by the conflict.

An essential collectors’ item made for diehard Maiden fans, by diehard Maiden fans — the Iron Maiden: The Trooper Eddie Premium Format Figure brings a new dimension to the iconic artwork that is known the world over.

The Iron Maiden: The Trooper Eddie Premium Format Figure by Sideshow is ready to charge into your collection. Available to pre-order now, via

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