Sideshow’s Dinosauria presents T-Rex, the Tyrant King!

T-Rex 'The Tyrant King' Statue

T-Rex ‘The Tyrant King’ reigns supreme in Sideshow’s acclaimed Dinosauria statue collection.

T-Rex 'The Tyrant King' StatueT-Rex 'The Tyrant King' Statue

As one of the most universally recognized and popular dinosaur species of all time, the mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex made a show-stopping appearance in the diorama that first launched Sideshow’s Dinosauria collection in 2008. With fans eager to see more, it wasn’t long before we introduced a second interpretation of the T-Rex to the series, depicting the prehistoric predator as a mature hunter out on the prowl, rugged and battle-scarred.

T-Rex 'The Tyrant King' StatueNow, Sideshow is proud to bring the king of dinosaurs to life once again with our T-Rex ‘The Tyrant King’ Statue.

T-Rex 'The Tyrant King' StatueT-Rex 'The Tyrant King' StatueDesigned with the insight of renowned paleoartists, the ravenous carnivore lunges forward with a ferocious roar, and with the addition of the Sideshow Exclusive, can be displayed triumphantly over the remains of his most recent prey (below).T-Rex 'The Tyrant King' Statue T-Rex 'The Tyrant King' Statue

Expertly crafted and cast in high-quality polystone on a themed base, this impressive museum quality piece is guaranteed to capture the imagination of dinosaur enthusiasts.

Artist Credits

  • Jorge Blanco of Viggiano Studios (Design, Sculpt)
  • Simon Garcia (Development)
  • Steve Riojas (Paint)
  • Sideshow Design and Development Team

This piece will be priced at $389.99, with optional payment plans available.
Pre-orders begin this Thursday, June 19th.

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